D23 Expo: Skydance New Media Marvel Project From Amy Hennig Announced

Skydance New Media Marvel Project

I’ve been a fan of Amy Hennig’s work since the first Uncharted game in 2007. So, as a big-time Marvel fan and a fan of her work, I am excited to see what she has in store for this action-adventure game. The Skydance New Media Marvel Project will feature two familiar characters to Marvel fans and two characters found deep in the pantheon of Marvel heroes. Captain America and Howling Commando Gabriel Jones will team up with Azzuri (T’Challa’s grandfather) and Nanali, the leader of Wakanda’s spy network. The game will also take place in the 40s during World War II and we may get to visit Paris and Wakanda during this period.

Besides that, we don’t have any information about the game or the storyline itself. I mean, we don’t even have a title for it yet. Nevertheless, Hennig did say that if you’re familiar with the game that she has worked on, then you’ll be familiar with the DNA of this game. Not to mention, they talked about how the game will be accessible to everyone—not just avid gamers. How the game will be playable to video game veterans as well as “73-year-old grandmothers.”

“We’re so grateful for all the enthusiasm and support we’ve received from fans, and we’re thrilled to finally unveil a first glimpse of the game during this year’s D23 Expo,” Hennig said. “Marvel has been an incredible partner throughout the creative process as we develop an original story and build an exciting new team of characters. We hope fans are intrigued by this sneak peek, and we’re excited to share more down the road.”

Marvel Games Vice President and Creative Director Bill Rosemann also shared his positive thoughts on the team and game. “Our D23 Expo reveal is only the beginning of the action-packed adventure awaiting Marvel fans,” he said. “Amy and the Skydance New Media team have a deep love and respect for our characters, have poured themselves into the core comic book inspiration and will harness their incredible storytelling skills to craft an all-new, thrilling narrative experience. Stay tuned over the next months as we’ll share additional looks at our four heroes, two worlds, and one war.”

Hopefully, we get to hear more about the untitled Skydance New Media Marvel Project soon.

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