Hollywood’s Karnevil Is a Dinner Show with a Circus Twist

Karnevil. Photo by Nerd Reactor
Photo by Nerd Reactor

Halloween is when people get to go wild and step outside their comfort zone by attending creepy shows or dressing up as ghastly ghouls or vicious vampires. If you’re the type who loves Halloween all year round, there is Karnevil in Hollywood, an immersive dinner and show experience with a 1920s steam circus aesthetic. We were invited for a night out of entertainment, food and drinks, and it was a fun time with delicious drinks and fun acts, but the food menu left a lot to be desired.

Karnevil Acts

Photo by Nerd Reactor

We went on a Friday night at around 9 p.m., and we were able to check out two shows until the 10:30 p.m. closing time. Acts include fire eating, aerial contortion, and weird yet entertaining tricks. One of our favorite performances was from a performer in a suit who did unusual but interesting tricks. One act involved balancing high heels on his nose while another had him spinning an umbrella while a fast-food burger was spinning along on top of it. It was a sight to behold, and the performer wowed the crowd.

Another act was by the aerial silk performer, and she performed with grace as she climbs and wraps herself around in silk. It was a nice change of pace from the other oddities.

The host of the night was a ringmaster dressed in dark, clown-like makeup, and introduced the different acts while interacting with the audience. He was the most “Karnevil” of the bunch, and his outfit help set the tone of the event. His schtick involves making fun of the crowd, but the jokes weren’t clever or funny. He did, however, had some fun acts up his sleeves including the good old human blockhead trick (nail in the nose).

The Food and Drinks

Karnevil’s Fried Oreo Cocktail. Photo by Nerd Reactor.

Karnevil has its own selection of cocktails that looked great on the menu as well as tasted great in person. We tried The Old Fashioned, and it was smooth with a kick and includes brown butter-washed Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, salted caramel, angostura bitters, and popcorn. The Fried Oreo Cocktail was chocolatey and sweet and includes crushed Oreos, whipped vodka, oat milk, chocolate syrup, a pinch of salt, and non-dairy whipped cream. The prices are about right for Hollywood with cocktails costing $16 each.

Sleight of Beef at Karnevil. Photo by Nerd Reactor.

The food is somewhat of a hit-and-miss, especially since many of them are bite-sized and overpriced. We tried the many different food items including Lobster Boy, Sleight of Beef, The Goat, Wagyu Corndog, County Fair, and Beignets. With that said, our favorite of the bunch was the Wagyu Corndog and The Goat, which has goat cheese inside prosciutto stuffed peppers.

An example of a small portion with a high price tag is the Beignets. It is $12 and includes a small plate of ice cream and one beignet.

Final Reaction

Karnevil is an immersive dinner and show experience with tasty-themed drinks. Most of the acts have been a delight, and it was a fun night out in Hollywood, CA. I also have to commend the DJ for playing some head-nodding beats. Too bad Karnevil isn’t a dance club, but some of the crowd were allowed to dance on the stage after the show was over. The food menu is a hit-and-miss due to the small portions and the high price tag, and we would recommend at most trying one plate. Lastly, with a show titled Karnevil, we hoped that there were more creepy acts and/or elements. If you’re the type that’s easily scared, it would be okay to attend since the show doesn’t have any scary elements.

For more info about Karnevil, visit karnevilla.com.

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