HexGaming’s Hex Rival Pro PS5 Controller Review

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Hex Rival Pro controller for PS5. Photo by Nerd Reactor
Hex Rival Pro controller for PS5. Photo by Nerd Reactor

When it comes to competitive gaming, the type of keyboard & mouse and/or controller is an important tool to help gamers get that extra advantage over their rivals. Console gamers looking for that competitive edge have been blessed with third-party companies catering to them. (Even Microsoft and Sony have been offering their own brand of competitive controllers.) One such company, HexGaming, has been manufacturing controllers for esports and hardcore players. Its new PlayStation 5 controller, Hex Rival Pro, offers comfort, a competitive edge, and customization, making it a magnificent gaming equipment.

The Hex Rival Pro uses the authentic PS5 controller that has been customized for esports and hardcore gamers. It comes with interchangeable thumbsticks, remappable 4 rear buttons, and clicky hair triggers.

Interchangeable Thumbsticks

Hex Rival Pro controller for PS5. Photo by Nerd Reactor
Hex Rival Pro controller for PS5. Photo by Nerd Reactor

I’ve never had problems with thumbsticks wearing off and showing the inside plastic, but I know other gamers who who been rough with their thumbsticks. Having interchangeable thumbsticks will be appreciated for the rough players since they can easily change the thumbstick with a brand new one. Another good thing about the interchangeable thumbsticks is that you can switch short ones with longer ones, which can be beneficial to how you play. By using the longer thumbsticks, it gives players a better range of motion that’s preferable for aiming with a long-range weapon.

The Hex Rival Pro controller comes with concave and convex thumbsticks. I prefer concave since it feels comfortable with the round shape of my thumb. The rubber material is softer than the official PS5 DualSense controller, which is great for your thumbs in long gaming sessions.

Clicky Hair Triggers

Controllers with analog triggers work like a dimmer switch, which is good for racing games since it acts like a gas pedal. The more pressure you put, the faster the car will go. The lighter you press the trigger, the slower it will go. With a lot of first-person shooters and fighting games, it’s all about pressing the button the fastest, and that’s where the clicky hair triggers come in. When firing a single-shot weapon or punching or kicking someone in a fighting game, you want to be able to press it without worrying about pressing it all the way in where you can waste a split second of your time. This is also useful for those wanting to pop a few rounds on an enemy for accuracy instead of using automatically fire which results in heavier recoil and and inaccuracy.

Remappable Rear Buttons

Hex Rival Pro controller for PS5. Photo by Nerd Reactor
Hex Rival Pro controller for PS5. Photo by Nerd Reactor

The HexGaming Hex Rival Pro controller for the PlayStation 5 features 4 remappable rear buttons. With the remappable feature, gamers can remap any of the 15 available DualSense buttons to the available 4 buttons. For example, the crouch and jump buttons could be remapped to the rear buttons. This is useful for FPS players where they can run, jump, aim and shoot at the same time. (Overwatch players who use Lucio will benefit from this. The character is a threat when he’s rollerblading, jumping and shooting.)

In a default setting for Call of Duty, the reload button is usually “square” and the switch weapon button is usually “triangle”. By remapping these buttons to the back, you can move and look around while reloading and switching weapons without taking your right thumb off the thumbstick. This is helpful in fast combat scenarios where a slight delay can lead to being eliminated.


The Hex Rival Pro Controller is customizable, and you can choose from a variety of patterns and colors like red, black, white, pink, blue, and many more. There are the options of abstract designs with different color schemes, solid color schemes, or two-tone color color combinations.

It uses the authentic DualSense controller shape, and it’s already comfortable with its ergonomic design. Players used to the Sony controller won’t have much of an issue with the Hex Rival Pro Controller.


I’ve been using this for about a month, and so far it has been working great with no signs of failing. The buttons and thumbsticks have been responsive and sturdy, and I’m hoping it will stay that way in the foreseeable future. However, I have seen a few online reviews experiencing issues with the R1 and R2 buttons. My R1 and R2 buttons have been fine so far, but still keep that under consideration.

Final Reaction

The Hex Rival Pro controller for the PlayStation 5 does what it needs to do, and since it uses the authentic DualSense controller, it should feel right at home for PS5 users. The comfortability, remappable rear buttons, interchangeable thumbsticks, and the clicky hair trigger are a great combination for the hardcore and esports gamers out there.

The price is a big factor in this, and it’s four times as much as the PlayStation DualSense Controller. If you’re inclined to modify the DualSense controller yourself and save some money, HexGaming’s parent company, ExtremeRate Limited, offers the install kits at Amazon.

HexGaming’s Hex Rival Pro controller for the PlayStation 5 is available at Amazon starting at $289.

HexGaming provided Nerd Reactor with a unit for review purposes.

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