Assassin’s Creed Origins, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY, and More Free with Prime Gaming in September

Assassin's Creed Origins (Large)
Courtesy of Ubisoft

Members of Prime Gaming are in for a lot of goodies in the coming months. Its partnership with Ubisoft is continuing with in-game content for Skull and Bones, Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. And for the month of September, members will get Assassin’s Creed Origins for free. Additionally, other free games include Football Manager 2022 and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition.

Free September Games with Prime Gaming

Assassin’s Creed Origins is a free title for Prime Gaming in September. The game changed things up in the Assassin’s Creed series by implementing more RPG elements, a large map that spans cities, and a different fighting control mechanic. The player controls Bayek of Siwa, a Medjay of Egypt looking for vengeance against those who killed his son.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is coming to Prime Video on Friday, September 2, and to mark the occasion, Prime Gaming is offering Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor Game of the Year Edition for free.

There are 8 total free games for Prime Gaming in September. Check out the list below:

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Football Manager 2022
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition
  • The Dig
  • Defend the Rook
  • We. The Revolution
  • Castle on the Coast
  • Word of the Law: Death Mask Collector’s Edition

Ubisoft and Prime Gaming

Skull and Bones
Courtesy of Ubisoft

Prime Gaming and Ubisoft are continuing their partnership, and in addition to Assassin’s Creed Origins coming to Prime Gaming as a free title, there will be in-game content for Skull and Bones (new challenges), Rainbow Six Siege (unlock monthly content with new Operator Bundles and boosters) and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (New bundle arriving on September 13th).

Free In-Game Content with Prime Gaming

For the in-game content for Call of Duty Warzone, the World Series of Warzone Battle Pack will be available on September 2 through Prime Gaming. It features an Operator skin, two weapon blueprints, and more.

New in-game content will be available for Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty: Vanguard / Warzone, Destiny 2, Fall Guys, FIFA 22, Overwatch and Valorant.

Here’s the list of in-game content drops:

  • NOW AVAILABLE – Apex Legends – Vantage Troop Leader Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Battlefield 2042 – Pug Legend Dozer Specialist Skin
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Brawlhalla – Space Dogfighter Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Dead by Daylight – The Maiden Guard Outfit (very rare)
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Elder Scrolls Online – Noweyr Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE – FIFA 22 – Five Gold Rare Players and one Player Pick of 83+ OVR Players
  • NOW AVAILABLE – GTAO – Get $125K GTAO weekly
  • NOW AVAILABLE – – Gwent – Ultimate Premium Keg
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Hearthstone – Three Standard Card Packs
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Overwatch – Three Standard Loot Boxes
  • NOW AVAILABLE – PUBG: Battlegrounds Season 4 – Premium Supply Pack #7
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Rainbow Six Extraction – Mudslide Uniform and Headgear
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Roblox – Doggy Backpack avatar accessory and three unique bonuses for Mining Simulator 2
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Splitgate – Legendary Aviator Assault Rifle, Epic Midnight Volta Armor, Epic Jungle Marshall Jetpack and Epic Hannya Railgun
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Two Point Hospital – Floppy Clock Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE – Valorant – Up In Arms Player Card
  • NOW AVAILABLE – World of Warcraft – Helm of Eternal Winter
  • AUGUST 26 – World of Tanks – Gunslinger Bundle
  • AUGUST 29 – Lost Ark – Stronghold Activity Relief Chest
  • AUGUST 30 – League of Legends – Prime Gaming Capsule
  • AUGUST 30 – New World – Fanatic Saint Skin and Tramp Walk Emote
  • AUGUST 31 – Destiny 2 – D.A.R.C.I. Exotic Bundle
  • AUGUST 31 – Last Chance to Claim Maniac Mansion, Suzerain, Fishing: North Atlantic, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark SEPTEMBER 1 Free Games With Prime – Assassin’s Creed Origins, Football Manager 2022, The Dig, Defend the Rook, We. The Revolution, Castle on the Coast and Word of the Law: Death Mask Collector’s Edition SEPTEMBER 1 Amazon Luna July Prime Gaming Channel Titles – Hot Wheels Unleashed, Windjammers 2, Riptide GP: Renegade, Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim, Yooka-Laylee & the Impossible Lair and Everspace SEPTEMBER 2 Call of Duty: Vanguard / Warzone – World Series of Warzone Pack
  • SEPTEMBER 2 – Free Game with Prime – Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor
  • SEPTEMBER 6 – Legends of Runeterra – Rare Prismatic Chest and one Epic Wildcard
  • SEPTEMBER 6 – RDO – “The “Prospector Jig” Emote, the “Traveling Opulence 1” Outfit for Cripps, 25 Capitale and five Gold Bars
  • SEPTEMBER 6 – Two Point Hospital – Dipping Duck Bundle
  • SEPTEMBER 8 – Wild Rift – Random Champion Pose Chest
  • SEPTEMBER 22 – Wild Rift – Random Emote Chest

Free Amazon Luna Rotating Games

Those who want to check out Amazon’s video game streaming service, Amazon Luna, can do so with their Prime membership. The Amazon Luna Prime Gaming Channel rotates free titles monthly, with free September games including Hot Wheels Unleashed, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, Riptide GP: Renegade, Earthworm Jim, Yooka-Laylee & the Impossible Lair and Everspace. Currently, Prime subscribers can play Steel Assault, Myst, Control Ultimate Edition, and Garfield Kart: Furious Racing until the new games pop up.

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