D&D’s Spelljammer: Adventures in Space and Album Now Available

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Today is a big day for new Dungeons & Dragons content. Players who want to venture into space can get into the action with Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, and there’s the Campaign: Case Terrain, a premium tactical terrain set. To help players and fans get into the mood, the Spelljammer album, Spelljams, has also been released today.

Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set contains information for the Dungeon Master on how to run the adventures and campaigns along with new options for players who want to create characters in the space setting.

The set is now available to purchase at Amazon and local stores and retails for $49.99. EMEA markets will have it on September 13, 2022.

Campaign Case: Terrain

The terrain campaign case features information for Dungeon Masters to create encounters for the wilderness, dungeon, and city adventures. It also has a set of double-sided adventure tiles and a collection of illustrated adventure clings to customize maps.

Campaign Case: Terrain is available to pre-order for $64.99 on Amazon and will be available on September 16th. It will be released in EMEA markets on September 27, 2022.


Spelljams is a companion album featuring bands and musical acts inspired by Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. It has a double LP’s worth of tracks from artists all produced by Chris Funk, guitarist from The Decemberists. Chris Perkins from D&D collaborated with Funk to bring the Flash Goron-esque soundtrack to players.

The album is now available digitally on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store and more. You can check them on https://pocp.co/spelljams.

If you want the vinyl Artifact Edition deluxe double LP, it’s available for pre-order and comes in a triple gatefold LP jacket with custom art and graphic design from the D&D team at Wizards of the Coast. The release date will be announced soon.


Full Track Listing

Label: Kill Rock Stars

  1. “Seeds Of Destruction” – Magic Sword
  2. “Arena Of Blood” – Osees
  3. “Space Is A Place” – Reggie Watts
  4. “Visible Lights” – TEKE::TEKE
  5. “Far” – Black Marble
  6. “Left Hand Path” – Mikaela Davis
  7. “love is the disaster” – Lucius
  8. “Xedalli” – Penny & Sparrow
  9. “Moon Dancer” – Y La Bamba
  10. “Light of Xaryxis” – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
  11. “Spacefighters” – MonoNeon
  12. “Crystalline Climbers” – Cardioid & pink paint
  13. “Me and The Moon” – Devon Gilfillian
  14. “Endless Sea” – Red Fang
  15. “Ghost Of The Nautiloid” Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band
  16. “Forgotten Land” – Deru, Arooj Aftab
  17. “Topolah’s Song” – Wizard of Waz
  18. “chaotic.evil.astral.elves” – Califone
  19. “The Door To Endlessness” – Shabazz Palaces
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