Upper Deck Launches Collect Forever, Largest One-Stop Direct-to-Consumer Collectibles Platform

Upper Deck is a sports and entertainment company known for selling trading cards, memorabilia and collectibles. During San Diego Comic-Con, President Jason Masherah announced the launch of Collect Forever, the largest one-stop direct-to-consumer collectibles platform. The collectibles will include items from Marvel, DC Comics and Funko Pop, and they will be available for pre-order.

Six years ago, Upper Deck introduced e-Pack, the first online platform where collectors could purchase, open, collect, and trade digital and physical trading cards at any time and anywhere in the world. With a click of a button, collections could be viewed, sorted, and then stored digitally, removing the need for physical storage.

Collect Forever is a separate website and platform, but it will be integrated into e-Pack, allowing e-Pack users to link directly with Collect Forever.

“We are excited to officially launch Collect Forever because together with e-Pack it creates the largest online direct to consumer shopping platforms for cards, comics and collectibles. There is a high demand for and interest in comics, trading cards, and other collectibles. Our customers, collectors and the community at large are looking for easy access to unique products as well as an exciting pack opening experience,” says Masherah. “While products can be viewed and stored digitally eliminating the need for physical storage space, our patent pending technology allows for the ability to have the actual physical products mailed to them at any point in time,” he adds.

Every comic book available through Collect Forever will come in a soft slab case made of durable PETG material that is tamper-proof. They will also feature a label that displays the comic book title, cover artist, writer and other key attributes as well as a QR code that directs customers to a website, so products can be easily authenticated and provide even more details about the previously uncirculated collectible. Collect Forever will also give collectors the chance to receive rare comic book variant covers by purchasing any eligible comic marked with “potential variant.”

The Michael Jordan Funko Pop! exclusive will be available on Collect Forever. The vinyl figure features Michael Jordan wearing a red Chicago Bulls jersey with the No. #12 and no last name on the back. The figure stands 4.25 inches tall and will come encased in a hard plastic case, which includes a unique QR code and identification number.

For transaction security and safety, Upper Deck has partnered with Dyamics Inc., which provides advanced payment and loyalty platforms that deliver a secure and seamless experience.

“What’s particularly exciting about Collect Forever is that users will be able to interact and store their collectibles digitally while also having access to each physical product, bridging the benefits of a NFT with a true, tangible collectible,” explains Masherah, “Our experience with e-Pack has proven that this is particularly appealing to collectors and fans and remains a key point of difference with Collect Forever,” he noted.

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