‘Revive’ To Bring Immersive Theater and Culinary Experience Together in Historic LA Venue

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Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world. It’s a lively city, and residents have no shortage of fun activities. These include escape rooms, concerts, musicals, Hollywood movie premieres, and so much more. Of all the activities, there is one that raises the bar to the next level, and that is immersive theater. Those who have experienced Delusion and the Tension Experience know how intimate and immersive these shows can get.

If there’s one thing that can help elevate the immersive and theatrical experience, that is a full dining and drinking experience. Neal Fraser and Amy Knoll Fraser have stepped to the plate to offer guests the ultimate entertainment. The Frasers are using their Downtown Los Angeles restaurant and venue, Redbird and Vibiana, to present Revive, a 1920s immersive, theatrical dining experience featuring a live band, dancers, and circus acts. Guests can also expect state-of-the-art technology like projection mapping to really bring the show to life.

Vau de Vire Society

The circus acts and dancing comes courtesy of Vau de Vire Society, an independent, touring theatrical circus team based in San Francisco. The members include classically trained dancers and acrobats who will wow the audiences as they eat and drink. With the show taking place inside the Vibiana, a historical 1879 cathedral that has been converted into an event venue, attendees will feel like they’re transported into another world and decade.

Food and Drinks

The Ringleader Drink from the Redbird Bar. Photo by Nerd Reactor

For food, Chef Neal Fraser has created 4 courses for Revive including a Peruvian scallop crudo and filet mignon with black truffle polenta. The drinks available for the show include The Strongman (Woodford reserve bourbon, Benedictine, bitters), The Showgirl (no. 3 gin, lime, pomegranate, sherry), and The Ringleader (Tequila Herradura Ultra, lime, grapefruit liqueur, soda, salt). The wine selection includes Naveran (Redbird Cuvee, Brut, Penedes, Spain 2017), Seabold Wine Co’s Sauvignon Blanc (Redbird Cuvee, Arroyo Seco, Monterey, California 2019), and Au Bon Climat’s Pinot Noir (Redbird Cuvee, Santa Barbara County, California 2018).

Tequila Herradura. Photo by Nerd Reactor

Herradura has teamed up with the husband and wife restaurateur for The Ringleader, aka the Paloma cocktail. Herradura Ultra is a cristalino, usually an añejo or extra añejo tequila añejo, but it’s been filtered through its charcoal mellowing process, removing the color and adding a hint of agave nectar.

Food: check. Drinks: check. Performers: check. To add more excitement to the atmosphere, the Revive team is bringing Angelo Moore (of Fishbone) & The Missing Links as the musical guests of the evening.

“What I always feel is missing in one of these experiences is really the food component,” Chef Fraser said. “You might have great entertainment, but you’re drinking out of a plastic cup. It’s not a great cocktail. We’re trying to marry this kind of experience in San Francisco coming to us at a brick-and-mortar space with a liquor license, valet, bathrooms that are tiled, not porta-potties, and something that we can hopefully do more of in the future. This is definitely proof of concept for us and we’re really excited to partner with Vau de Vire Society.”

“It’s a simple idea,” said Vau de Vire creative director Mike Gaines. “An idea is just to rejuvenate people and revive people, let people know that they’re still alive, and to give them affirmations in life. To get back in there and rub a little dirt on it and get back in the game.”

Revive will be a 100-minute show inside the venue with a 40-minute experience outside the venue before guests come in. There’s a cast and crew of more than 40, a serving staff of 30, and a production crew of 30.

“There’s going to be less people in the house as guests than there are performers and crew,” Gaines said. “It doesn’t make financial sense, but it satisfies our artistic needs.”

About Revive

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles at the Vibiana, the 21+ event is a fever exclusive from June 18th to July 24th from Thursdays-Sundays (two shows daily). Tickets are available for $250 per person.

Tickets are available on fever.

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