NRG Sound Series Debut Brings Music and Gaming

Miles performing at NRG Sound Series Event. Image credit: Nerd Reactor

NRG is a professional gaming and entertainment company with esports teams competing in games like Fortnite, Valorant and Overwatch. Last night, the debut of the NRG Sound Series in collaboration with Rockstar Energy was held at the NRG Hot Pockets Castle in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a night filled with games, drinks, food and music.

The event was hosted at the NRG Hot Pockets Castle, a production studio and play space with all sorts of fun activities including carnival basketball and billiards. What is NRG Sound Series? It’s a lineup that combines gaming and music culture. For last night’s event, NRG Fortnite star Flix brought music artist Miles to co-host and perform live to celebrate the first installment of the series.

The event was live on Twitch and Clix’s Channel, with Clix and Miles facing each other off on Fortnite during the pre-show.


Image credit: Nerd Reactor

The specialty drink menu features Rockstar drinks. There’s the Rock a Berry, which consists of Rockstar Raspberry Cucumber Unplugged, lemon juice, and is topped with cherry hibiscus kombucha. Into the Blu contains Rockstar Blueberry Unplugged and monk fruit spirulina, topped with guava kombucha.


Image credit: Nerd Reactor

Epic Tacos, a Los Angeles food truck, was present to give out tacos and chips to guests at the event.


The night ended with a performance from Miles, who sang a few of his songs including “When You’re Sober” and “The Internet.” You can check out the music video for “When You’re Sober” below.

“The majority of music discovery for NRG fans comes from word of mouth, and 81% of that is dictated by other gamers streaming on Twitch and their content on social media,” says Sean Cohen VP of Audience & Analytics. “NRG is leaning in and giving gamers an opportunity to discover their new favorite artist with the NRG Rockstar SOUND SERIES. Sign up to get a first look at NRG’s June insight newsletter with a focus on Gaming & Music, dropping June 13.”

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