Top Gun: Maverick on ScreenX Is Grand and Epic

Top Gun: Maverick is now in theaters, and it’s been praised by critics and fans with a 97% Tomatometer and a 99% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. Our very own, Mark Pacis, wrote a glowing review. After many decades, Tom Cruises finally reprises his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, and he’ll be teaching a new group of top fighter pilots as a new threat emerges with better jet technology. We were able to check the movie out on ScreenX, and it was truly a grand and epic experience.

ScreenX is a screening format from CJ 4DPLEX that displays the film on three screens: one on the front and two on the sides. This gives audiences a complete 270-degree viewing experience, truly expanding the scope of films. Top Gun: Maverick was one of the best ScreenX experiences we’ve had with shots that actually complement the panoramic format, and there are 56 minutes of exclusive ScreenX imagery that will give audiences many moments to cherish.

The film features many aerial shots involving fighter jets and a super-fast stealth plane. It’s no surprise that the film has a lot of beautiful shots of jets flying in the sky. With that in mind, the ScreenX format shows off these scenes in spectacular ways.

The Darkstar is an advanced stealth plane where Maverick is tasked with reaching a speed of Mach 10. As he flies in the skies, there are cinematic scenes that take advantage of ScreenX with the Darkstar zipping across a panoramic Earth. The earth and sky look majestic, almost painterly, and it’s a sight to see as the film spans from the left side all the way to the right.

Another highlight is when Maverick flies and teaches the new recruits a lesson as he flies left and right in the training missions. Even with the close-up shots, the wide length of the jet and cockpit had some adrenaline-filled moments.

Top Gun: Maverick in ScreenX has a great balance of knowing when to use ScreenX. The action scenes, the aerial views, and anything that shows off the jets and skies are used to great effect. Dialogue scenes and other low-key scenes use just the center screen so as to not distract the viewing experience.

ScreenX is a great way to experience Top Gun: Maverick where the action is larger than life and the aerial views are breathtaking. With 56 minutes of ScreenX imagery, audiences will be in for a wild flight.

ScreenX Score: 5/5 Atoms

ScreenX tickets for Top Gun: Maverick are available to purchase at your local ScreenX theaters.

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