Immersive Show ‘Transit Room #32’ Has Us Mingling in the Afterlife

A mysterious man with shades and a dark cowboy hat greets us in a dark lobby, explaining that we’re about to enter the world of the dead. Tokens are handed out that will ensure our safe return back to the land of the living. The ferryman suggests that when we enter Transit Room #32, a purgatory-like area, we should pretend that we’re dead. It’s wise advice since we saw a drunk man taken away after revealing he’s still alive, resulting in the ghosts devouring his soul.

Immersive Art Collective is the premier immersive experience in Downtown Los Angeles with many shows running throughout the year. Immersive theater takes plays and storytelling to the next level by creating an intimate setting where guests feel like they’re part of the experience. IAC has brought us all types of shows from dinner with vampires to attending a funeral with a few eccentric guests. With Transit Room #32, we enter a limbo for ghosts of all types from ancient times to the 20th century.

Immersive Art Collective’s Transit Room #32. Credit: Nerd Reactor

Transit Room #32 is a show with elements of darkness and comedy. Some of the ghosts have a dark history while others are a bit more lighthearted. It’s part interactive theater and part show with spirits performing a song and a stand-up comedy routine. The actors all helped bring the purgatory realm to life with their performances and interactions.

Since this is an interactive experience, we got more out of the story by participating and pretending we were one with the lost souls. Some ghosts aren’t too keen on a living person, and our group had to come up with how we perished. I came up with a story of how I died in a vehicular crash, and other guests came up with their own tragic deaths like slipping on banana peels.

The setting of Transit Room #32 is located at The Count’s Den in Downtown Los Angeles, and it took us into many different rooms in the two-story venue. There were disturbing rooms, dark rooms, and a limousine, and we even got to explore an alley in the middle of the city. The show really takes advantage of the space, inside and out.

A guest’s enjoyment is also dependent on who is in their group. it’s interactive, and you can freely travel between groups. If you’re with a fun group that’s into playing along, it’ll be a good night out. Unfortunately, I was with a random person who was under the influence, and that person was inappropriate. It did hamper my enjoyment level, so I strongly urge you to try to find another group or interactive element as soon as possible.

Final Reaction

Transit Room #32 from Immersive Art Collective is a fun and interactive show where guests get to meet different and unique ghosts. Each lost soul has their own story of how they perished and what they’re looking for in the afterlife. Are they friendly or evil? It’s up to you to explore and find out, and part of the fun is playing along and getting into the world of the dead.

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