Saints Row’s Customization Showcase Features Plenty of Styles

Courtesy of Deep Silver and Volition

One of the popular things to do in the Saints Row franchise is to get sucked into creating your own character. With the upcoming Saints Row game, customization is getting bigger and bigger. Today, Publisher Deep Silver and developer Volition have released the Ultimate Customization Trailer along with more details in the Ultimate Customization Showcase. It teases what players are in for with the customization options of their character, wardrobe, vehicles, and weapons.

Santo Ileso is your oyster and you are the Boss. You can be lowkey in your looks, or you can be very outlandish. Check out the 4K customization trailer below.

There will be 80 rides to collect, and you can modify them at Jim Rob’s. Furthermore, customization for weapons and vehicles has been expanded.

Saints Row Customization Showcase

And if you’re craving more information, check out the Saints Row Ultimate Customization Showcase with host Mica Burton as she chats with the Volition team on more options for personalizing your Boss.

One of the things the team is really excited about is the asymmetrical facial customization, so you can really make your character stand out. Additionally, there are prosthetic limbs, and picking a gender won’t limit your customization. With the expansive options, the sky is the limit as you can change your shape, size, makeup, scars, tattoos, and many more. You can even have different skin textures like broken glass or galaxy. Moreover, there are 8 different voices, a selection of emotes, and even walking styles like walking like a creep.

Saints Row is a reboot of the series set in Santo Ileso, and expect the action, crime and humor the franchise is known for to return.

Saints Row will be released on August 23, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Courtesy of Deep Silver and Volition
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