Roguelite Game, MythForce, Is a Love Letter to ’80s Cartoons

MythForce. Credit: Beamdog

The ’80s was a wonderful time for cartoon shows like He-Man, ThunderCats, SilverHawks, MASK, Visionaries, and many more. These animated series featured catchy theme songs, epic opening animations, and a team of heroes with awesome powers. Beamdog has announced MythForce, an upcoming first-person roguelite adventure, and we had the chance to preview it. From the game’s opening sequence to the cel-shaded style, MythForce is shaping up to be a fun combat adventure with friends that is truly a love letter to ’80s cartoons.

Bringing Back the ’80s

The game starts with an animated intro that replicates the Saturday morning magic with its catchy theme song and the wild and vivid animation. It had us singing “MythForce” by the end of it. Even the loading symbol had that nostalgic feeling. The game definitely has the right team behind it.

MythForce Heroes

MythForce is a roguelite adventure where you can play with friends via online co-op, and players can choose between four different heroes. Each warrior has unique powers and skills and includes the Victoria (The Knight), Maggie (The Mage), Hawkins (The Hunter), and Rico (The Rogue). Together, they will have to battle evil creatures while searching for treasures in ever-changing dungeons. Fight and explore to upgrade your rank and unlock new artifacts and infusions, and since this is a roguelite adventure, there is permadeath. However, ranking up will give you certain advantages when playing again.

The two easiest heroes to use are The Knight and The Hunter. The Knight is the leader of the group, and her specialty is the mace and shield. The Hunter is an archer with long-range tactics. The mid-difficult hero is The Rogue, who is an assassin. The Mage has a 3-star difficulty, and she can conjure magic to help aid the team.

MythForce has all types of weapons including swords, maces, bows, spellbooks, shields, daggers, and more. Teamwork is important since friends can help with reviving. Getting better weapons and playing smart with friends are important since levels will get harder and harder.

The game is still in its early phase, but so far we’ve had fun playing the roguelite adventure and reliving the wonder that is ’80s Saturday morning cartoons.

The game is published by Aspyr Media and developed by Beamdog, which was founded in 2009 by BioWare co-founder Trent Oster.

Early Access for MythForce will be available on April 20, 2022 on Epic Game Store for $29.99. The launch includes MythForce Episode 1: Bastion of the Beastlord. Additional episodes will be released during Early Access.

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