Eville: Social Deduction, Fantasy Village, and Murder!

The village of Eville seems peaceful and quiet. There are merchants, markets and houses all around, and everyone is minding their own business and running around doing errands. As the night falls, villagers relax and sleep, except for a few. The next day arrives, and everything seems normal… except there’s a dead body discovered, resulting in everyone rushing to the town hall to figure out what happened. Someone isn’t who they claim to be, and there’s a killer on the loose.

One is accused, and the town puts them inside a cage. Is the person innocent or guilty? The villagers cast their votes, and the verdict is guilty with the sentence of death by fire. The cage is lit, burning the suspect alive. As it turns out, the game is still continuing, and that means the killer is still out there.

Eville is an upcoming social deduction game where villagers try to finish out their days, and the few are conspirators, looking to eliminate innocents. The genre has been growing with games like Among Us and First Class Trouble, and Eville drops in with its own unique style and core mechanics.

Eville is set in a fantasy village, and one can choose between a selection of avatars including being a human or a green creature. Each villager will be assigned a role, having their own unique talent or gadget. Quests are available in the daytime, which will help players learn the game’s mechanics while also getting the chance to earn some money. Currency can be used to buy helpful items like traps, deadly potions, and more.

When nighttime hits, all the villagers sleep in their respective homes, and that’s when the conspirator(s) come out to play. Some villagers can walk the night along with the conspirator, but for those who can’t, they can set traps to prevent the enemy from entering their home. Once a villager has been killed at night by a conspirator, it’s up to the remaining villagers to find out who would perform a cruel act by checking inside houses and roads.

Once the body is found, it can be reported in the town square, signaling the bells to ring. Villagers are welcome to join in on the town meeting to figure out who’s the conspirator. However, if they get the wrong person, they make it easier for the enemy to win.

So far, Eville is shaping up nicely and feels really inviting with its large map. Each villager gets their own color-coded house, and you can visit each one. There’s plenty to do like quests, exploring, sabotaging, and tracking down a conspirator. The cartoon style fits with this peaceful-looking village, and with more updates, expect some fun avatars and more map(s). Since Eville is a social deduction game, it’s highly recommended to play with friends. However, if you don’t have a big enough group, there’s also the option of playing with random strangers by searching or creating an online lobby.

Developer VestGames has been working on the game and has released demos to give gamers a taste of things to come. Some of the big changes include adding quests for villagers in order to pressure the Conspirators to kill, helpful quests to learn more about how to navigate through the game, additional avatars, complex buildings to make it harder to kill, and more.

Eville is expected to be released in 2022.

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