FanHome’s Street Fighter Collection: Looking at Our Collection So Far

Credit: Nerd Reactor

Street Fighter is one of the most popular fighting games ever, and there’s no sign of slowing down. Capcom recently announced Street Fighter 6 with a teaser trailer featuring a bulky Ryu and a happy Luke. With so many games in the franchise, the roster grows larger and larger. FanHome, the nerdy monthly subscription, has partnered up with Capcom for the ultimate collection where fans can get new Street Fighter figures each month. There are so many warriors to collect including Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, Cammy, and more.

FanHome’s Street Fighter Monthly Subscription

Credit: Nerd Reactor

With FanHome’s Street Fighter subscription, members will get a new box each month. The first shipment is discounted for the Ryu and Ken figures and magazines with no tax and shipping costs. The regular price for each figure and magazine cost is $13.99, but for the first box, Ryu + magazine is $1.99 and Ken + magazine is $7. You can check out our coverage of the 1st shipment for Ryu and Ken here.

The second shipment is also discounted and includes the figures and magazines for Chun Li, M. Bison, Vega and Blanka. Blanka and M. Bison are $7 each with the other two costing $13.99 each plus shipping and tax. (There was a mixup in the subscription where I received a Fast and Furious box instead of the second shipment.) If you do have issues with the shipment, you can email [email protected] or call 800-581-2770 (10:00 AM EST – 19:00 PM EST Monday to Friday).

From the third shipment and on, there are no more discounts, with each figure and magazine costing $13.99 for a total of $55.96 (plus shipping and tax) per box.

FanHome’s Street Fighter Box 3

With a mixup in our shipment, we weren’t able to take a look at the 2nd box with Blanka, M. Bison, Chun Li and Vega. We did get the third box, and it included Guile, Sagat, Zangief, and Dhalsim.


Credit: Nerd Reactor

The figure captures Guile’s signature special move, the Sonic Boom. It’s one of my least favorite figures since the effect of his Sonic Boom takes up a lot of shelf space. It’s needed since, without it, it just looks like he’s flexing his arms. The figure is detailed for its size, but the actual face design leaves a lot to be desired.


Credit: Nerd Reactor

The Sagat figure has his Tiger Knee ready to leap in the air and hurt his opponent. He has a giant scar across his upper torso and is wearing an eyepatch. This is one of the better-designed figures with an intimidating look and an adequate paint job. It does help that his left eye doesn’t have a pupil and his right eye is covered by an eyepatch.


Credit: Nerd Reactor

The Double Lariat attack is replicated in the Zangief figure where he stretches out his arms and clenches his fist while spinning around. It’s one of those moves that can get annoying if the rival player doesn’t know how to counter it. It’s a great move to emulate. In spite of that, the design and paint job on his face is mediocre.


Credit: Nerd Reactor

The Dhalsim collectible has him performing his Yoga Flame where he blows fire out of his mouth. The eyes are simple and the facial design captures the attack well.

FanHome’s Street Fighter Box 4

The next box features the figures and magazines for Cammy, Akuma, Fei Long and Balrog.


Credit: Nerd Reactor

Here is the Cammy figure with her sliding kick move, Razor Edge Slicer. The move is seen after the Hooligan Combo, and it’s a very dynamic pose. On the other hand, the paint job is pretty basic and her face looks very different from her video game counterparts.


Balrog is one of the baddies in Street Fighter, and the figure replicates his Dash Upper attack that takes care of those trying to jump from above. The paint job on his pupils is bad, making him look derpy. However, the overall sculpt and design are okay for the figure.


Credit: Nerd Reactor

Akuma is one of the most dangerous foes for Ryu, and he’s one of the few fighters showing off his stance instead of an attack. It’s a very cool pose, and he looks threatening. The eyes, however, are the worst parts of the figure, looking like watermelon seeds.

Fei Long

Credit: Nerd Reactor

One of Fei Long’s go-to moves is the Rekka Punch, an attack that can be performed up to three times in a row. The figure displays this very powerful move well. Contrarily, the overall face design and the eyes paint job are atrocious as if he was left inside the microwave for a while.

FanHome’s Street Fighter Box 5

(L-R) E. Honda, Sakura, Juri and T. Hawk. Credit: Nerd Reactor

The next shipment features fighters from Street Fighter 2 all the way to Street Fighter V.

E. Honda debuted in Street Fighter II, and the figure captures his Hundred Hand Slap move. This is one of the better sculpts and paint jobs I’ve seen from the package, and his eyes are somewhat okay (they still look intense and zombie-like).

Like Akuma, the Sakura figure isn’t performing a special move. But unlike Akuma’s fighting stance, the young fighter has her winning pose with one arm raised in the air. The eyes could be better, but they are one of the better ones in the collection.

Juri debuted in Street Fighter V, and the figure demonstrates her transition from her signature stance to a kick attack. The paint job on the body is fine to a degree, but her eyes are really unacceptable, making her look cross-eyed.

T. Hawk debuted in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, and his figure has him performing his Tomahawk Buster, an anti-air move where he launches himself in the air. The paint job and sculpt are okay, but the face could use a bit more detail.

FanHome’s Street Fighter Box 5

(L-R) Adon, R. Mika, Rose and Dan. Credit: Nerd Reactor

The fifth shipment of FanHome’s Street Fighter Collection features Adon, R. Mika, Rose and Dan. This is a unique box since none of the characters are performing their special moves. Adon and Rose are ready in their fighting stance, R. Mika is signaling for her partner to join, and Dan is taunting with his thumbs up and sticking his rear out.

Adon looks very dynamic with his bandana and armbands waving in the air. His eyes are good in regards to the FanHome collection. Rose is very stylish with her yellow scarf, which is flowing to the side of her body, and her face and eyes look decent but still look a bit off. R. Mika’s paint job on the body is bad since you can still see the hint of blue where her skin is showing. The sculpt is not up to par and her eyes are reminiscent of Daria from the MTV animated series. Dan actually looks the best out of the bunch since he’s already a silly character.

FanHome’s Street Fighter Box 6

(L-R) Ibuki, Gen, Makoto and Cody. Credit: Nerd Reactor

The sixth box includes 4 figures (Ibuki, Gen, Makoto and Cody), and they vary from fighting stance to attacks. Ibuki has her guarding stance, Gen attacks with his Mantis Special, Makoto strikes up in the air with the Fukiage move, and Cody delivers a powerful uppercut. These are great, recognizable poses for the figures. Ibuki’s eyes look decent of the bunch, Gen benefits from having no pupils, and Makoto’s eyes aren’t cross-eyed. On the other hand, the paint on Gen’s beard is off and Cody’s hair is a mess (not in an intentional way).

Final Reaction

FanHome Street Fighter figures truly capture the essence of the characters with their stances and poses. When placing them next to each other, they look like they’re ready for battle. However, the mediocre designs and paint job on the faces really put a damper on the collection. Even with its flaws, Street Fighter fans are sure to love the process of collecting as many characters as possible.

FanHome provided Nerd Reactor with shipments for review purposes.

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