Uncharted in 4DX Is a Wild Ride

Credit: Sony Pictures

CJ 4DPLEX’s 4DX has been an exciting way to truly be immersed in an action/adventure movie. With the motion seats and practical special effects inside the theater, audiences feel like they’re part of the action as if they’re in a car chase with Vin Diesel, flying in the sky with Superman, or swinging around the city with Spider-Man. With Uncharted now in theaters, movie-goers can feel the action in 4DX as Nathan Drake and Sully go on a journey of finding hidden treasure. (Check out our movie review here.)

The Uncharted video games have been an action-packed and cinematic roller coaster, and it’s finally getting a live-action film adaptation starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor “Sully” Sullivan. The movie aims to capture these big, action moments on the big screen with cars and cargo falling from the sky and ships flying in the sky. Nerd Reactor was invited to experience the thrills in Hollywood, and Uncharted in 4DX is one wild ride with many twists and turns.

Uncharted has it all. The movie takes audiences across the world to the skies, the ocean, and urban streets. With different environments, 4DX is put to the test and takes full advantage of what is seen on the screen. With sea ships and the ocean, water sprayed on us. The opening has Nathan falling from the sky and jumping from one cargo to another, and the motion seats jerk and sway as if we’re moving with the main character. Giant fans blow against our faces to emulate the feeling of falling in the air.

The Motion Seats

The motion seats are the meat of the 4DX experience, and it moves and aways to what’s happening on the screen. With a lot of action happening in Uncharted, there’s hardly a dull moment whether it’s close-quarter combat, chasing on foot, flying, swinging, falling, swimming, and more. The seats capture those movements throughout as it moves left and right and up and down. For the smooth motions, it sways as if we’re flying, and for the hectic moments, it can really shake us up.

There are other special effects in the auditorium sprinkled here and there to simulate special effects in the film. These include flashes of light for big weapons firing, water spraying for when there are crashes in the ocean and swimming underwater, and smoke filling the side of the room when there’s smoke coming from a weapon.

Final Reaction

4DX isn’t recommended for all movies, but with Uncharted, it’s a perfect fit. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s very helpful for an immersive experience where you can just sit back and enjoy the ride… a very bumpy and crazy ride. Uncharted in 4DX really reproduces the fun adventures of Nathan Drake and Sully as they travel across the world with many exciting parts.

Note: The 4DX screening we’ve experienced was at the 4DX Lab Theater in Hollywood, so experiences may vary depending on your 4DX location.

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