Deceit Christmas Mega Bundle Code Giveaway

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Deceit is a free-to-play social horror first-person shooter where infected players try to take down innocent players. As an unwilling participant, you wake up in a strange area with five others, and a third of your group is infected by a deadly virus that turns you into a flesh-eating monster. The holiday season is here, and developer World Makers is joining in on the festivities with Christmas-themed item upgrades until January 6, 2022. Nerd Reactor has partnered up to offer the Deceit Christmas Mega Bundle Code Giveaway.

The Christmas items and features include the following:

  • 17 new Christmas cosmetics, including the Legendary Christmas Tree Rachel skin, Mrs Claus Lisa, Elf Nina, and other themed items including the Gift-Wrapped Pistol and Candy Cane weapons.
  • Christmas 2020 cosmetics added to the Vault, allowing players another chance to get event-limited cosmetics such as the Legendary Toy Soldier Alex and Nutcracker Chang skins.
  • 25 Christmas-specific Challenges added to the Labyrinth.
  • Present Collection: Collect presents around each map during a match. Collection milestones will award Christmas cosmetics or tokens.
  • Unique Item Upgrades, such as the Snowball Shotgun and Snowman Lethal Injection, which turns targets into a helpless snowperson.

The Christmas Mega Bundle is available in the in-game shop and retails for $9.99 / £7.99. It includes the following:

  • The Christmas Mega Bundle-exclusive Toy Knife weapon cosmetic
  • 10x Christmas Tokens
  • 1x of each Christmas Item Upgrade:
  • Snowman Lethal Injection
  • Snowball Shotgun
  • Red Nose Torch
  • North Star Camera
  • Freezing Trap
  • *The Christmas Mega Bundle is redeemable in-game

The Normal Tokens are replaced by the temporary Christmas Tokens, and they can be redeemed at the Booth for random cosmetic rewards. Christmas Shards replace the Normal Token Shards, and if you collect 10, you can combine them for one Christmas Token.

From December 31 to January 3, players will get to participate in the Bonus Ticket Weekend where they can earn additional tickets by an additional 50%. These are used for the Labyrinth progression and unlocking new rewards.

You can check out Deceit for free on Steam.

To enter the giveaway for the Christmas Mega Bundle, simply follow the directions below:

Deceit Christmas Mega Bundle Code Giveaway

About Deceit

First released in early 2017 and downloaded by over 13 million players, Deceit continues to receive a steady flow of content updates and improvements from developer World Makers, including the recent introduction of the Labyrinth, an entirely new progression system.

Inspired by the party game Werewolf and a variety of classic horror films, the CRYENGINE-powered Deceit drops up to six players into a mysterious contest for survival wherein a third of the party is secretly infected. Using in-game voice chat, items and clues, the innocents must work together to escape alive while the infected work to sabotage the team, either by force or by seeding doubt and paranoia to turn players against each other. When the lights go out, the infected can transform into vicious terrors and hunt the survivors down.

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