10 Best Marvel, Star Wars Holiday Gifts

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Marvel and Star Wars are two big properties under the Disney banner, and there is plenty of cool merchandise for fans. Whether you want to own a piece of adorable characters like Grogu or Groot, there’s something for you out there. We’ve compiled a list of Marvel and Star Wars holiday gift items that will be sure to please any fans out there including playing cards, Tamagotchi, ornaments, and more. Check them out below.

1. The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Credit: Disney

Description: The Story of Marvel Studios is the first-ever, fully authorized, all-access history of Marvel Studios’ creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as told by the producers, writers, directors, concept artists, VFX artists, cast, and crew who brought it to life. Year-by-year, project-by-project, the studio’s founding and meteoric growth is described through detailed personal stories, anecdotes, and remembrances of noteworthy challenges, breakthrough milestones, and history-making successes. Together, these stories reveal how each of the films evolved into one ongoing cinematic narrative, as coauthors Tara Bennett and Paul Terry (The Official Making of Big Trouble in Little China, 2017) chart the complete production history of The Infinity Saga’s 23 movies (from 2008’s Iron Man all the way up to, and including, 2019’s Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home).

The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is available on Abrams Books and Amazon and retails for $135.

2. Iron Man Bitty Boomers Bluetooth Speaker

Description: Bitty Boomers are wireless Bluetooth speakers that are ultra-portable! Don’t be fooled though, what they lack in size they make up for with mind-blowing sound. Tiny size. Huge Sound.

It’s available on Amazon and retails for $19.99.

3. Groot Sketchbook Ornament

Credit: Disney

Description: Baby Groot poses as a holiday tree tangled in a string of colorful party ”bulbs.” This sculpted Sketchbook Ornament will sprout fond memories of the season for light years to come.

The Groot Sketchbook Ornament has an MSRP of $19.99 and is available on shopDisney.

4. The Child Magnetic Shoulder Plush – Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Credit: Disney

Description: Hey, there’s a ”Baby Yoda” on your shoulder! The Child mini plush comes with a magnetic fabric disc that goes under your shirt. Place the Child on top and enjoy his adorable company wherever you go.

The Child mini plush is available on Amazon, shopDisney.com and at the Disneyland Resort and retails for $19.99.

5. Star Wars The Mandalorian Playing Cards

Credit: Theory11

Description: Mandalorian Playing Cards by theory11. Premium playing cards, packaged in a stunning beskar silver, space black, and striking red foil box – with a sculpted 3D emboss of The Mandalorian helmet. Made in America using FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests.

This is available on Theory11.com and Amazon and retails for $9.95.

6. LEGO Boba Fett Helmet

Credit: LEGO

Description: Build and display a LEGO clone of one of the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunters with this Boba Fett Helmet 75277 model kit! It’s a super LEGO Star Wars gift idea for adult fans and offers a testing challenge for experienced LEGO builders, with the familiar shape and authentic details of the helmet beautifully recreated using LEGO bricks.

The LEGO Boba Fett Helmet retails for $60 and is available on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

7. Urban Decay Eternals Eye Shadow Palette

Credit: Urban Decay

Description: Create infinite looks with UD|Marvel Studios’ Eternals cosmic makeup inspired by the newest team of Super Heros. This ultra-collectible eyeshadow palette features a graphic 3D pop-up element and 15 all-new shades inspired by the strength and grace of the immortal warriors known as the Eternals.

Urban Decay Eternals Eye Shadow Palette retails for $65 and is available on Amazon and Nordstrom.

8. Marvel’s X-Men Arcade1Up X-Men 4-Player Arcade Cabinet

Credit: Marvel

Description: For the mighty masses of Marvel mutant fans, it’s time to punch, blast, and slash through the home arcade cabinet fans have been clamoring for: the X-Men 4 Player from Arcade1Up! Providing authentic arcade experiences in a home arcade form factor, Arcade1Up game cabinets are absolute must-haves for family game rooms or a welcome distraction in the office. They play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces.

The X-Men Arcade1Up Cabinet retails for $749 and is available at Walmart, Target, GameStop.

9. The Child Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder

Description: Fresh from their mysterious origins in Star Wars The Mandalorian on Disney+ The Child Cable Guy is here, posed with arm raised in a classic “Force Push that Mudhorn to the curb” expression, Grogu uses EXGs patented rotating (R.E.S.T.) shelf system to hold your gaming controller, smartphone or anything else you need held safe and sound. Take care of this little one. Or maybe it will take care of you.

The Grogu Phone and Controller Holder retails for $24.99 and is available on Best Buy and Amazon.

10. Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchi

Credit: Disney

Description: Train R2-D2 to master various skills with Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchi! Make sure you keep your R2-D2 happy. If you neglect him for too long, the Jawas may take him away! Comes with 1 Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchi with classic white R2-D2 shell on a chain to take with you everywhere!

The Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchi retails for $19.99 and is available on Amazon.

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