Explore Nature with Will Smith in Welcome to Earth on NatGeo (Review)

Welcome to Earth Will Smith Photo by Kyle Christy Nat Geo for Disney Plus
Photo by Kyle Christy/Nat Geo for Disney Plus

Independence Day is one of Will Smith’s most popular films, and when someone says “Welcome to Earth,” fans will know what they are talking about. This is why it’s so fitting that National Geographic’s new exploration series starring Will Smith is called Welcome to Earth. It’s an entertaining and educational time as we watch Smith travel to the far reaches of the world with viewers and experience mother nature’s secrets.

There is so much of the world that remains a mystery to many. The crew of Welcome to Earth helps us explore that world, and Will Smith acts as a surrogate for the viewer. He’s a great personality with his willingness to open about what he has or hasn’t experienced. His reliability makes it exciting for viewers to go on a journey with him. Smith shares his fears and why he wants to tackle them. Viewers will get to learn with him as he navigates dangerous white-water rapids, climbs inside an active volcano, dives into the deep sea diving sea, and predicts the migration patterns of the wildebeests.

Welcome to Earth captures some truly remarkable environments, and if you have a nice television setup, they will look marvelous. This includes seeing the beautiful light show from the deep sea, the gorgeous bee nests on the side of expansive cliffs, the epic scope of the desert, the smokey live volcano, and more.

Final Reaction

Welcome to Earth is a fun time with Will Smith as we get to experience new things with him and learn about our beautiful world. The series spans across the globe from the rivers of Iceland to the deserts of Africa, and it has made us more appreciative of mother nature.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

The series is now available on Disney+.

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