Bite: Season’s Bleeding Interactive Show Brings Vampire Fun and Holiday Cheers (Review)

Courtesy of Immersive Arts Collective

We were invited to a holiday party from our host of the evening, Countess Yizidora, the matriarch of a vampire clan. Yes, the family is comprised of vampires, but they are of a friendly variety. (If they’re not drinking our blood, I count that as being kind.) They have adapted to modern times and don’t require our human blood, and this year, Yizidora’s daughter, Sorana, has figured out a way to create vegan blood. That allowed us to join the festivities, mingle with the vampire family, eat, drink, and be merry as we witnessed awkward and entertaining situations. This was all part of Bite: Season’s Bleeding, a comedic interactive vampire dinner experience located in The Count’s Den in Downtown Los Angeles.

Meet the Family of Bite: Season’s Bleeding

Vampires are known to be creatures of the night, and they are popular around the Halloween season. From the minds of Immersive Arts Collective, Bite: Season’s Bleedings allowed the vampire clan to celebrate Christmas and the holidays with mortals who are feeling festive. Guests got to mingle with them in a show that features Christmas singing, dancing, and celebration. Elif Savas reprises her role as Countess Yizidora along with Libby Rose as Sorana and Michaela Slezak as Meggy.

Countess Yizidora is a gracious host who wanted us to have fun. Sorana clearly isn’t happy being there, but she does her best to entertain the guests. There’s Meggy, a newly turned vampire who used to be a fanatic of the bloodsuckers. And then we have the cousins from New York coming over, and they bring their different lifestyles to the mix which causes Sorana some grief.


With these interactive shows, your level of entertainment depends on how engaged you are with the cast. The more you interact, the more you’ll get out of the experience. The 90-minute show felt very relaxed, which allowed the cast to improvise with the guests. We got to spend some one-on-one time with the different family members in different rooms. That included taking photos in the photo booth, helping Meggy with her dilemma, and more. Of course, each guest will have a different experience depending on who they interact with and their location at the time.

There are different vampire personalities with unique ways to interact with them. Hang around Sorana and watch her say mean things to her family. Meggy is the bubbly and animated one of the bunch, especially when she’s excited to meet her online date, Ned. And if you interact with Ned, you’ll get to be part of romance in the making. The vampire cousins bring a different vibe to the party, and all they want to do is have some fun.

Courtesy of Immersive Arts Collective

Dinner and Entertainment

As for the dinner experience, there are meat options and vegan and gluten-free options. As we sat down to eat, the vampire family partook in the holiday festivities. These included Christmas singing and dancing like a rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Additionally, guests were able to help contribute to the ongoing story. Whether this will help out the family is up to them.

Bite: Season's Bleeding. Photo by Nerd Reactor
Sorana looking displeased at Bite: Season’s Bleeding. Photo by Nerd Reactor

There’s also the optional Secret Santa ceremony ($10 or less). I would have participated in it but it slipped my mind on the day of the event. There were two members from our group that brought them, and it did help with the show’s storyline.

Bite: Season’s Bleeding. Photo by Nerd Reactor

For those who enjoy in-person interactive shows featuring friendly vampires during the holidays, Immersive Arts Collective’s Bite: Season’s Bleeding is definitely one of our favorite options. And since it is interactive, we highly encourage those attending to fully engage to really feel like they’re part of the show. Even though this is for mature audiences, it’s not as intense as some of the horror interactive shows in Los Angeles. It’s a light-hearted show where you get to interact with a dysfunctional, vampire family.

The 90-minute show costs $75 per person, and you must be 21 and over to attend. The experience includes a fully-catered dinner, cocktails/mocktails and vampiric interactions.​

For tickets, you can get them on Fareharbor.

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