Moss: Book II VR Game Release Window Announced

Moss is a VR action-adventure puzzle game featuring an adorable mouse named Quill, who’s on a mission to rescue her uncle and save her kingdom. The highly anticipated sequel, Moss: Book II, is coming soon to PlayStation VR, and Polyarc has revealed today when fans and gamers can expect the VR game to come out.

Moss: Book II will be coming to PlayStation VR in Spring 2022.

You can check out the game’s behind-the-scenes videos below.

Animating Quill with Animation Director Richard Lico

Environment Art & Level Design with Principal Artist Coolie Calihan

DevCom 2021 Panel Conversation

About Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II builds upon the story set forth in the platinum-selling Moss video game that still ranks as one of the best rates VR games to date. Having rescued her uncle Argus, Quill’s adventure continues with the revelation that a winged tyrant is hunting her within the hexed castle where her uncle was held captive. But Quill has a plan of her own, one that could finally end the merciless rule of the Arcane and save the world from a great unmaking. Lined with dangerous terrain, challenging puzzles, and enemies twisted in fire and steel, the journey will be trying—filled with triumph and heartbreak alike—but new allies, old friends, and the very nature of the castle itself can offer help along the way.

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