Here’s How Halo Infinite Developers Are Listening to Players

On November 15th, Xbox surprised fans with the multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite. This coincided with both Xbox’s and Master Chief’s 20th anniversary. Xbox’s new iteration of red versus blue is on a free-to-play model this time around. It was not surprising the game was so polished on day one. Even the Tech Test I had played felt fairly finished. Yet, the developers made sure to call this launch a beta version. They promised updates to enhance the player experience leading up to the official release on December 8 and beyond.

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The gameplay, graphics and server stability have been solid since day one. The big issue that players like me have had with Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is the lack of solid progression. Halo Infinite boasts a 100 level cosmetic reward battle pass. Players unlock armor and weapon skins as well as challenge swaps.

Courtesy of Xbox/Credit: DarthPyrin

If you purchase the Premium Battle Pass you also get double XP tokens and more frequent cosmetics. There is also a Premium Battle Pass Bundle which awards you 25 levels of the battle pass. The pass alone is 1000 credits ($8.99) and the bundle is 2800 credits (~$25).

When the game launched the only way to progress in the battle pass was through weekly challenge sets. Ultimately, how you played in a match had no bearing on how you level up, and it still really doesn’t.

Challenges can range from completing a certain type of match to killing a player with a certain type of weapon. Sometimes you will see a challenge that says get 10 assists or get 2 double kills. Experience point payouts for these challenges range from 200 to 350.

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Another limiting factor is you can only have four of these challenges active at one time. If you purchase the Premium Battle Pass you do get a fifth slot. You are awarded challenge swaps for most levels of the battle pass but it is still limiting.

There have been three updates in the 18 days since the beta launched. The biggest improvements have come in the form of making progression a little easier. Your match performance still does not really matter. The developers, though, have put into motion a plan to appease the masses.

It began with an addition of an XP reward for every match. This small 50 XP boost was not much. It did ease grumblings quickly since it came just days after the game graced our systems. Those with the Premium Battle Pass saw their 2XXP tokens get a duration increase from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

As Halo Community Manager John Junyszek stated in a response to the tweet above, some challenges were also removed. The team at 343 Industries had to reset all players’ progression on active challenges and ones not started since launch.

Courtesy of Xbox/Credit: DarthPyrin

To make players feel better about this, all who had logged in between November 23 and November 30th received the Sigil Mark VII visor. If you played Halo Infinite Multiplayer between these dates, make sure to equip your visor!

The next update was a small one that had nothing to do with progression. This update helped Steam players remedy a credit issue. It also saw some fixes to the Oddball game mode and Big Team Battle.

During the aforementioned week above, Halo Infinite went live with the Fracture: Tenrai event. The playlist for the event was Slayer matches only, and players started with two random weapons every time they spawned. This event came with its own 30 level battle pass and challenges. These challenges did count towards your regular progression as well. This event has since ended but not without some controversy.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has a few flaws, and one of those is the inability to turn off crossplay between Xbox and PC. During the Fracture: Tenrai event multiple reports were released about PC cheaters in Halo Infinite. While no changes have yet to be made, Junyszek did address this, stating that “improvements” were certainly on the way.

This week players were given more reason to rejoice. Another update was pushed out to help players progress faster in the battle pass. Instead of just a 50 XP payout, players were happy to find out that the first 6 matches they played every day would have higher payouts, with the first awarding Spartans with 300 XP. The next two matches give players 200 XP, with the last 3 of the 6 awarding 100 XP.

This last update not only improves progression but incentivizes players to log on and play some matches every day. The fact that the community and development teams have listened to the players speaks volumes about what the future holds for Halo Infinite. We already know the Fracture: Tenrai event will return in January and with the official launch only days away, we can expect some new enhancements soon.

As a Halo player, some of the improvements I hope the developers make are custom playlists and the ability to turn off cross-play. As a free-to-play title, the progression updates have satisfied me for the time being, so any new changes to make it even better will be welcome surprises.

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In addition to the multiple updates already made to Halo Infinite multiplayer, Game Pass Ultimate Members will be able to snag an assault rifle weapon skin, four challenge swaps and four 2XP boosts via their perks on December 8th. Multiplayer will leave beta that day and the Halo Infinite single-player campaign will arrive. We will not be getting a Co-op campaign until May 2022 but the developers will be very busy making multiplayer that much more rewarding. There are already talks of new game playlists as highlighted in a tweet by Junyszek this afternoon.

The Halo Community Manager goes on to say in the thread that a Slayer only playlist will arrive after the holidays. This has apparently been most requested addition.

For more information on Halo Infinite visit Halo Waypoint. Download the Halo Infinite Multiplayer today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via the Xbox App or Steam. You can also play via XCloud. See you on the battlefield Spartans!

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