We Experienced Secret Cinema’s Arcane Immersive Event in LA, and It Was a Total Blast

Secret Cinema's Arcane Event. Photo by Nerd Reactor
Secret Cinema’s Arcane Event. Photo by Nerd Reactor

I was a member of the Vyx, a faction that provides descreet services. To serve them, I had to leave Piltover, the city of progress, and cross the bridge to enter Zaun, the dangerous and dark undercity filled with all sorts of interesting characters. We were part of a crowed that tried to cross the bridge, but the Piltover Enforcers stopped us as they were searching for two individuals, VI and Powder, who have caused a ruckus. After the commotion faded, we were allowed to cross again. We then entered the long and twisty tunnel entrance. As we walked closer and closer to the end, the music was getting louder and louder. We have arrived at our destination, the lively and dangerous world of Zaun. It was filled with vibrant lights, libations for those wanting to loosen up, and a huge crowd ready to play.

This is Secret Cinema’s Arcane: Welcome to the Undercity, an immersive experience in Los Angeles. It brings the world of Arcane League of Legends to life with a huge set, colorful characters, and a crowd of guests that adds to the busy streets of Zaun. Secret Cinema is able to capture the world and its characters, and we had a blast as we played our roles and witnessed events unfold from the many characters.

Secret Cinema’s Arcane Event. Photo by Nerd Reactor

Riot Games and Netflix

Riot Games and Netflix teamed up to turn League of Legends, the popular MOBA game, into an animated series. The series is now available on Netflix. It has been praised by critics and fans alike with a 100% critics score and a 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. (You can check out our review here.) The series follows LoL characters like Jinx, VI, Jayce, Viktor, Caitlyn, and Heimerdinger as the cities of Piltover and Zaun come head to head.

Secret Cinema’s Arcane: Welcome to the Undercity

Secret Cinema’s Arcane Event. Photo by Nerd Reactor

Riot Games has partnered up with Secret Cinema to bring the world of Zaun and Piltover to life inside a Los Angeles building. The limited 4-week event, Arcane: Enter the Undercity, is a two-hour event where guests will get to become part of the story as they interact with actors portraying Vi, Silco, Jinx, and other old and new characters created for the immersive in-person experience.

We’ve done plenty of immersive experiences in Los Angeles, and our favorites usually are the ones that are very intimate. With a smaller group, the actors can take more time to interact with you, and you really feel like your actions dictate the outcome of the story. Of course, our favorites are horror-themed, and the lesser the people, the creepier it is. When we arrived at Arcane: Enter the Undercity, we were a bit concerned with the large group of people. If you’ve been to Knott’s Scary Farm and Halloween Horror Nights, you’ll know what I’m talking about since a large crowd can ruin the immersion.

Secret Cinema’s Arcane Event. Photo by Nerd Reactor

With Secret Cinema’s take on Arcane and the in-person immersive experience, they took advantage of the crowd and the giant set they have created. Zaun is supposed to be a lively city. Having a bunch of guests come in for the 2-hour experience helps create the immersion of a busy world. As guests, we can partake in the missions and quests. Or if you want, you can take it easy by just watching events unfold, drink at The Last Drop, or order food. There are Easter eggs and more spread out in this big Los Angeles building that’s transformed into Zaun.

General Admission and VIP Tickets

We opted for the general admission tickets, with each costing $70. VIP tickets cost $140 each. There’s also the parking lot that cost $25, but we were able to find street parking for free. Is the VIP ticket worth it? You get a dedicated premium team and fast track entry, one drink voucher and one food voucher. From what I’ve seen, lines weren’t an issue, and if you do want to drink, the specialty drinks cost $15 each. The general admission ticket will keep you occupied for the majority of your experience, and we were able to do missions and move through the crowed without any major issues. It’s encouraged that you become an active participant to really get the most out of the event. With so many activities and story events happening throughout, you’re sure to have fun no matter which ticket you get.

You’ll receive instructions after getting your ticket, and one of them is the proof of vaccination and mask requirements. Another is getting the dress code instructions for your crew, as this will help you on your journey right off the bat. We were part of the Vyx, and I decided to really play the part by dressing in a turqouise dress shirt and black tie. We were greeted by Binx (no relations to Jinx), and he gave us a quick rundown on what we needed to do in Zaun.

There were so many highlights for my adventures. These included being sent to jail by an enforcer and then breaking out, watching VI’s determination to finding her sister, doing one-handed pushups to get information on a dangerous drug, searching all over Zaun for a hidden clue, and talking about my life in the Undercity with Sky, the local bartender.

Secret Cinema’s Arcane Event. Photo by Nerd Reactor

After the event is over, you’ll get a chance to buy merchandise in the Piltover area. Items include face masks, t-shirts, and more.

Secret Cinema’s Arcane T-shirt. Photo by Nerd Reactor

Final Reaction

Arcane: Welcome to the Undercity is a sight to behold and was a blast from beginning to end. Secret Cinema has delivered a high quality immersive experience filled with lots of actors and a cool set, with story events happening throughout. One of our favorite events was when Zaun turns into a dance club for a short period. You do not need to watch Arcane to enjoy the experience, but we do recommend you watching at least Act 1 since there are spoilers.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and are fans of League of Legends and/or Arcane, we highly recommend checking out this limited event. For tickets and info, visit tickets.secretcinema.org/arcane/.

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