The Escape Game’s The Heist Review

Escape rooms have been getting very popular, even to the point where Sony Pictures produced two Escape Room films. One of the biggest escape room companies across the nation is The Escape Game with 20 locations. One of its most popular rooms is The Heist, which has locations in Nashville, Chicago, and Irvine. Since we’re in the Southern California area and Nerd Reactor loves to do escape rooms (we’ve done over 100 escape rooms), we had to try it out. It was an immersive room filled with all types of art, and The Heist was definitely a head-scratcher that had us frantically searching and solving puzzles all over.

The Escape Game’s The Heist starts you off as a group inside an art museum with famous paintings all around you. Word on the street is that the museum’s curator, Vincent Hahn, has stolen a masterpiece. It’s up to you and your small group to locate it and vanish before Hahn arrives in one hour.

The Heist features a high-tech art museum with secret compartments and rooms, and solving one puzzle leads to paintings and statues revealing clues and unveiling keys. Just when you think the escape room can’t possibly go any further, it surprises us even more as we went further down the rabbit hole. The puzzles can be difficult, but thankfully, you can get hints from the game master via the monitor located on the wall. We’re a pretty prideful bunch, and we have tried not to use hints as much as possible.

With The Heist, we only used hints when we were really stuck, and we used around 3. Since we had only an hour to find the stolen masterpiece and escape, it really made us sweat as the timer almost went down to zero. Through a combination of luck and puzzle-solving skills, we were able to accomplish our mission just in the nick of time before Hahn showed up. It felt like a scene out of the movie where everything happens at the last minute for dramatic effect.

The Heist was definitely one of the harder escape rooms we’ve done, and we were on edge the whole time. It was thrilling and perplexing, and it really had our group thinking and coordinating to make sure we could finish our goal and escape. The Escape Game has cemented itself as one of the premier escape room companies in the nation.

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