Hollywood & Vamp Is Part Immersive Theatre, Part Rock Show, and Lots of Vampires

Photo by JR Cajigas/Nerd Reactor

The spooky season is kicking into high gear as Halloween approaches, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivities, especially if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Traditional haunt events include LA Haunted Hayride, and those wanting to step outside of their comfort zone can try interactive horror theater with Delusion and Creep LA. There’s another event from 88Twenty Group that’s taking things a step further by fusing a music show and interactive theater. The first half immerses you into a world where vampires and humans mingle, and it then plunges you into a music show featuring vampires of the night singing and dancing. Hollywood & Vamp is sultry, sinister, and a fun night out, and it’s one of the best ways to celebrate the spooky season.

Hollywood & Vamp takes place at The Bourbon Room in Hollywood, CA. There was a line at the door for those with tickets, and once we got past the door, we proceeded upstairs. The host told us we were brave for walking up, which had us confused about whether we were going in the right direction. Instantly, we were greeted by a stranger, who insisted that we help him get drinks. As I looked down at his arms, I noticed bloody bite marks. Once he was distracted by other guests, we bolted out of there and headed to the main bar area.

Welcome to Hollywood & Vamp

Photo by JR Cajigas/Nerd Reactor

As we walked up the stairs, there was a bulletin board with a lot of flyers for missing people. This was not a good sign for us humans.

Photo by JR Cajigas/Nerd Reactor

To our right was a public telephone, and there were phone numbers that you can call for Easter eggs and other fun recordings.

Photo by JR Cajigas/Nerd Reactor

To the left of the stairs was the main bar area, along with tantalizing vampires in chains. One of them warned us to leave, and that things wouldn’t end well if we stayed. We were here for Hollywood & Vamp, and that meant exiting wasn’t an option. There were specialty drinks for the night including Daywalker, Holy Water, Up In Flames, and Staked Through the Heart. Depending on the drink and where you are, a vampire would interact with you, either showing intrigue or disgust.

Photo by JR Cajigas/Nerd Reactor

We met a dashing vampire named Regan, who was very friendly. The drink we ordered definitely caught his attention, and he gave us the details on what he has planned for the night. Next to him was a case containing vampire blood, and if we dropped one in our drinks, it would help him see the outside world in daylight. After our chit-chat, we resumed exploring the rest of the vampire bar.

Photo by JR Cajigas/Nerd Reactor

The interactive theater portion consists of random events throughout the night around the bar. A corpse would be left on the ground, being carried away in sheets, and we saw a video feed of vampires feeding on humans in a secluded room. Our host of the night was the Queen Vamp of Hollywood, Theda Bara, and she would update us on what’s happening during our evening.

Hollywood & Vamp Rock Show

As the showtime drew nearer, we proceeded to the next room, which was the concert stage with seats and tables in front. Tip: Be sure to be near the door near the restroom for your chance to pick the best seats available.

The main event of the night is the Hollywood & Vamp rock show featuring vampire musicians and dancers. The lead singer energized the crowd by covering songs from Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue. He also brought a few people on stage, putting them on the spot. Since it is a vampire show, the fanged creatures of the night had other plans in mind for the humans.

Regan with the Nerd Reactor team. Photo by JR Cajigas/Nerd Reactor

As the show went on, there was internal strife, and that lead to fights breaking out between vampires. As this happened, the crowd was treated to a play while the vampire band rocked out in the background. It had hand-to-hand combat, death, resurrections, and more dancing. It was truly a lively night.

Final Reaction

Photo by JR Cajigas/Nerd Reactor

Hollywood & Vine is a sultry, rockin’ good time filled with friendly and not-so-friendly vampires. It combines cool immersion that we love from interactive theatre and a fun night out with drinks and a music show. For those easily creeped out, this show doesn’t try to scare you. What it does instead is give you a mood where vampires and humans can exist, and it encourages you to chat up the night stalkers. It’s definitely an experience that captivated us and got us into roleplaying our part. I even went on the hunt for bandaids to help one of the poor humans who was a victim of the vampires.

Hollywood & Vamp is located at The Bourbon Room (6356 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028). The limited engagement show has two more nights coming up on Tuesday, 10/26 and Wednesday 10/27. For tickets, visit http://hollywoodandvamp.com. A ticket costs $75, and it includes a specialty cocktail. Parking can be tricky, but there’s a parking structure nearby. Street parking is also available, and you might be lucky to find an empty spot.

Credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor
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