Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Is Back for 2021: Includes 3 Mazes, Monte Revolta Music Shows

As we walked towards Griffith Park for the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, we really felt the energy of the place with Monte Revolta & His Band of the Living Dead kicking things off. The undead band was performing cover songs with their own haunted twist, and they had the crowd captivated by their dark and humorous sets. The night was just starting, and we had plenty of mazes and the main hayride attraction to check out.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is back this year at Griffith Park, and haunt fans have another reason to join the spooky festivities. Those with the General Admission ticket had access to the Haunted Hayride attraction and three mazes: Trick or Treat, Midnight Mortuary, and Dead End Diner. VIP tickets allow guests to enter a shorter line for the mazes and hayride attraction.

The Mazes

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
Credit: Nerd Reactor

Midnight Mortuary was the first maze we checked out. The entrance features a dark carriage and a pale lady with black eye shadow dripping down her face. Oh, and we can’t forget about the blood all over her lips and chin. At first, I thought it was a real person standing still, but it was just a mannequin. Standing at the main door is an unnerving gentleman with a tophat and an eerie smile. If there was a theme, it would be goats, ladies in black veils dressed in black, and other demented beings. It was a lengthy maze with plenty of scares, and the best way to experience these mazes is to have space in front of you if you want a scarier experience. If you’re the type to be easily scared, have another random group right in front of you.

Trick or Treat was the next maze we did. The nights may vary, but when we went to the first opening night, the lines weren’t really long for this maze. This also meant that the mazes weren’t as packed, and that’s definitely a good thing since it makes them scarier. Trick or Treat was our favorite of the three mazes, especially with the interactive doors and doorbells. Yes, there’s something that happens if you ring the doorbell. Instead of nice neighbors giving you candy, you’ll encounter all types of dark creatures. It’s also a maze that felt lively with the party atmosphere in some areas.

Dead End Diner is the last one we tried, and the entrance is an old-school diner with a waiter ready to serve you. However, you shouldn’t trust anything here since there’s a patron that passed away from whatever he was eating. It did feel disjointed at times with howling werewolves, synthwave music, a corn maze, a dead person turned into a scarecrow, and more. But the main theme is serving people food with a slaughterhouse, corn maze, and diner.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

The Haunted Hayride is the main attraction, and small parties will step inside a wagon carrying hay as they go on a ride from one area to the next. As we move from one stop to the other, it changes in theme and story. One area would have really tall scarecrows around us and another had sultry alien dancers with weird space music. My favorite was the Chuck E. Cheese-inspired area where anthropomorphic animals were rockin’ on guitars and strobe lights flashing hard behind them. What’s great about the hayride is that each area is like a mini show, as if we’re riding Pirates of the Caribbean and getting to slowly soak in the sets and scenes. Except with Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, the monsters will try to scare you up close.

Other Activities

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
Credit: Nerd Reactor

For live entertainment, there are the Monte Revolta music shows. An outdoor dining area is located within Midnight Falls where you can watch entertainment on the screen. Food and drinks are available, as well as merchandise. What brings a smile to my face is seeing the monsters roam around Midnight Falls and interacting with guests. This is a nice change from other events where they are focused on trying to scare you by going for cheap jump scares.

Final Reaction

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is another fun way to celebrate the Halloween season. It’s not as big as other amusement parks during the Halloween season, but it offers more ways for fans to enjoy the spooky times.

For tickets, visit the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride site.

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