HorrorFest International Returns with New, Frightening Films in October 2021

The spooky season is here, and it’s the best time to experience scares and haunts in entertainment. If you’re in the Southern Utah area, HorrorFest International will be featuring creepy new films from filmmakers all around the world. This year, the event will be running from October 20-23, 2021 in St. George, Utah.

The festival has been running since 2002 featuring Halloween-inspired entertainment on the big-screen theaters, ranging from shorts to features worldwide. The HorrorFest International team has been looking through films and screenplays for months, and it recently announced the Official Selections for the 2021 festival. Guests will be watching all the horrifying goodness at the historic Electric Theatre in the 4-day event that also includes filmmaker Q&As, storyteller panels, photo ops, special guests, a live script read, food, an after-party, an awards ceremony, and more.

All-Access Fright Badges are available at https://filmfreeway.com/HorrorFest/tickets.

This year there will be over 50 films at HorrorFest International, and they include comedy-horror “You’re Dead Helen,” the offbeat thriller “Thumb,” the puppet-centric fantasy/monster mashup “Frank and Zed,” and the mother/daughter rock ‘n roll witch opus “Hellbender.” There’s also the Lance Henriksen-headlined black comedy “Reklaw,” an 80s Amblin cinema-esque sci-fi/horror “They’re Here,” the supernatural found-footage mystery “Malibu Horror Show,” the violent, holiday season-set horror/action “The Retaliators,” the quirky love story “Sexy Furby,” a stylized German ode to Giallo called “Lips and Tips,” a slow-burn from Norway called “To Freddy,” and “Welcome to Our Home,” a romantic slice of comedy/horror from 2020 HorrorFest screenwriting alum, Greg Schroeder.

About HorrorFest International

HorrorFest International has been keeping the spirit of horror film history alive on the big screens with features and shorts since the early 2000s. It has screened titles like The Exorcist, Psycho, Jaws, Dawn of the Dead, Dracula, Halloween, Poltergeist, The Omen, Evil Dead II, The Shining, and more. It has been evolving to include other film projects from Utah, and then later on it branched out to global filmmakers.

For more information, visit HorrorFest International.

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