MOZA Mini MX2, the World’s 1st Auto-Sense Smartphone Gimbal

Gimbals have been helpful to filmmakers and content creators who love to use their mobile devices, allowing for hands-free shooting experiences. MOZA is one such company that manufactures gimbals, and it has a new product advertised as the world’s first auto-sense smartphone gimbal. Today, the company has announced the launch of the MOZA Mini MX2, the gimbal that expands on the features of its previous model, MOZA Mini MX.

The MOZA Mini MX2 features the new smart auto-sense phone holder function, which uses a built-in smart sensor to detect the phone and clamp or release it automatically. This will definitely help those who aren’t keen on manually placing their phones on a gimbal. To use the feature, you simply put the phone in the middle of the holder, and the clamps will close and balance it.

MOZA’s “DeepRed” has been upgraded, which should have an improved anti-shake algorithm. The transition design will allow the phone to be moved from portrait to landscape viewing quickly. There’s also the MOZA spiral folding design, which makes traveling with the device more convenient. The Mini MX2 has a tracking system that helps keep the focus on the subject, even when the subject is moving fast. The operator can start and stop the recording and trigger the shutter by using hand gestures thanks to the smart gesture control.

For post-production, the MOZA Genie App helps with photo and video editing, and the magic mode has different shooting templates and editing options.

Shooting modes for the MOZA Mini MX2 include panorama, fast-tracking, inception mode, time-lapse, sport gear mode, slow-motion, and dolly zoom.

The gimbal features an ergonomic handle design to help with shooting different angles, and the 1/4 expansion interface can be connected to a tripod, telescopic extension rod, and more.

The MOZA Mini MX2 gimbal is available now at and retails for $109.

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