First Class Trouble Coming to PS5: Lie and Eliminate Your Way to Victory

First Class Trouble is a third-person, multiplayer social deduction game currently available on Steam Early Access, and it has been a wild guessing game where humans and Personoids mingle together in a retrofuturistic intergalactic cruise ship. The problem? The Personoids are out to control the ship by taking out the humans, and the humans will need to band together to find out who’s actually a Personoid. Today, it has been announced that First Class Trouble is headed to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

4 human players are tasked with finding out who the 2 Personoids players are, and in the end, their main goal is to shut down the Central Artificial Intelligence Network, also known as CAIN, of the luxurious intergalactic cruise ship ISS Alithea. They’ll need to do this before they are killed off by the Personoids, and things are harder since there are death traps everywhere.

As a Personoid, you are tasked with lying and deceiving other players and eliminating them by injecting them with poison, trapping them inside the fire, trapping them in a freezer, flushing them out in an airlock, drowning them in a swimming pool, electrocuting them and more. (Yeah, it’s really fun to play as a Personoid.)

The game is developed by Invisible Walls ApS and published by Versus Evil. The launch of the PlayStation 5 version will go alongside the full launch on PC. To keep the community alive, First Class Trouble will support cross-play between PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

PS5 users will get the benefits of 3D sound and ray-traced graphical output, PS5 controller’s Haptic Feedback immerses you even more like the feeling of spraying a fire extinguisher and having it rumble and hearing audio coming from it. Throwing bottles will give off a 3D feel with the controlling emitting audio and shaking with its haptics if the bottle lands near or on you. Traps and other areas will enhance the controller experience.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions will have all updates from the PC versions including Botanical Garden and Personoid Quarters updates and cosmetic DLCs.

The actual release date for First Class Trouble hasn’t been revealed yet.

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