World War 3 FPS Shares Authentic Uniforms & Customization Options

The FPS genre is huge, and Call of Duty and Battlefield are two big franchises in the genre. Call of Duty has authentic military outfits, but it has also introduced very stylish outfits that can start to feel out of place in a military shooter. For FPS fans who want more authentic shooters, World War 3 may be the FPS game for them. MY.GAMES and The Farm 51 has released a new video that shows off the customization options, military uniforms, new UI, and exclusive cosmetics for veteran players.

Check out the Uniforms and Customization video below:

The artists from The Farm 51 worked with an Artec 3D scanner to capture realistic items like weapons, boots and bags. Some of the uniforms are made from scratch, and various uniforms are recreated to capture military operators like United States Navy SEALs, Russian Spetsnaz, and Polish GROM. With customization, the players can switch things up with the characters’ head, headwear, face wear, facepaint, glove, vest, bodypaint, pants, emblem, and more.

If you are part of early access, the developers will have exclusive cosmetics coming to World War 3.

World War 3 is an online multiplayer FPS developed by The Farm 51, a Polish studio known for Chernobylite. Set in a modern global conflict, players will team up to take out enemies in locations like Warsaw, Berlin, and Moscow.

There is still no news of the game’s release date.

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