This Transformers Chess Set Will Cost You $600

Transformers fans are in for a treat for one of the coolest collectibles outside of Cybertron. Hero Collector, the designers and publishers of collectibles, has teamed up with Hasbro to launch its first-ever Kickstarter campaign with the Transformers Chess Set. This will cost you a pretty penny with the price tag of $600 for the complete chess set.

The Transformers Chess Set will contain 32 unique game pieces, 16 representing the Autobots and 16 for the Decepticons. Each model has been digitally sculpted and cast in metallic resin and painted by hand. The Transformers are shown in their robot form and based on the original animation designs. The Autobots represent the white pieces and the Decepticons represent the black pieces.

The Transformers pieces stand from 4-6″ tall and will battle on an exclusive Cybertron-themed chess board, with the red side symbolizing the Autobots and the purple for Decepticons.

Autobot Pieces

  • Autobot King: Optimus Prime. The leader of the Autobots who fights for freedom for Cyberton and Earth. His other form is a red truck.
  • Autobot Queen: Elita One. Prime’s partner and warrior who’s compassionate for those in need of help.
  • Autobot Knight: Hot Rod. The young and brash Autobot who can transform into a race car. He would become an Autobot leader known as Rodimus Prime.
  • Autobot Pawn: Bumblebee. Bumblebee is the heart of the Autobots and has a love for his human allies. He can transform into the iconic yellow beetle alt-mode.
  • Autobot Pawn: Prowl. This Autobot strategist can transform into a police car.

Decepticon Pieces

  • Decepticon King: Megatron. The ruthless leader of the Decepticons who has conquered Cybertron. He is famous for transforming into a handgun.
  • Decepticon Queen: Starscream. The second-in-command of the Decepticons, Starscream is always planning to undermine Megatron. He alt-mode is a fighter jet.
  • Decepticon Knight: Soundwave. Soundwave sounds the most robotic of all the Decepticons, and he’s a loyal soldier for Megatron. He can transform into a cassette player, and he has cassete tapes that can transform into humanoid, dog and bird robots.
  • Decepticon Knight: Shockwave. Shockwave is the ops commander of the Decepticons, and he focuses on logic above all else.

For a complete list of the pieces, visit the Transformers Chess Set Kickstarter Page and check out the different pledges and rewards.

The Transformers Chess Set Kickstarter launched on August 13, 2021 with a delivery date of Q4 2022. There are cheaper pledges where you can just get the Optimus Prime chess piece, but for the full set, the pledge is priced at $600. For $50 more ($650), you can get the full chess set, the Galvatron Replacement King, and more. $700 will get you the chess set, Galvatron, and Rodimus Prime.

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