Several Films to Watch Out for at Fantasia Film Festival 2021

Fantasia Film Festival 2021

It’s August 4th, which means we’re less than 24 hours away from the start of the Fantasia Film Festival 2021. If you’re looking at the festival schedule and deciding on films to watch, then let us help you out in filling out your list. 


South Korea is a country not entirely known for boxing. Yet, the metaphor of fighting in the ring and life is a universal theme. You see it in real-life in the UFC and pro boxing, and it’s been done hundreds of times in Hollywood. So the idea (on paper) of a North Korean refugee using boxing to survive in South Korea is a perfect combination. Sports dramas always tend to pull on the heartstrings, and this looks like it’s no different. However, the feel-good nature of these movies is always a draw. Get tickets here.

Love, Life and Goldfish

Now, even as an avid watcher of Asian movies, never in my life have I seen an Asian musical film before. Thus, Love, Life and Goldfish is an intriguing film because it is a musical. It’s not just a musical, but it’s a musical that’s full of J-pop songs. Not to mention, the film sticks to its manga roots by pushing a lot of manga into the film. Fantasia Film Festival describes the film as “a heartwarming film that will slap an uncontrollable smile on your face,” and that’s good enough for me. Get tickets here.

Midnight in a Perfect World

Philippine cinema hasn’t reached international acclaim since the 70s with Lino Brocka and his classic film, Manila in the Claws of Light. However, Dodo Dayao is quickly turning into the next big director in Philippine cinema. So, of course, I would have to recommend this creepy, Purge-meets-monster movie from the motherland. Get tickets here.


Don’t Breathe was so good because it subverts the notion that having a disability makes you weak. Kwon Oh-seung’s Midnight follows a similar theme, but with the roles reversed. Thus, the idea of a serial killer chasing after a girl who can’t hear the world around her sounds like a very thrilling idea. Even the scene with the sound meter in the trailer had me at the edge of my seat. Get tickets here.

Prisoners of the Ghostland - Nicolas Cage

Prisoners of the Ghostland

Nicolas Cage has taken on some eclectic roles in the past few years. Between Color Out of SpaceWilly’s Wonderland, and the critically-acclaimed Pig, Nicolas Cage isn’t afraid to take on weird roles because, well… He is a weird guy indeed. However, reading this in Fantasia’s description, “two American men, Hero (Nicolas Cage) and Psycho (Nick Cassavettes), walk into a Japanese bank in Samurai Town toting guns and screaming ‘Banzai!’.” As DiCaprio so famously said in Django Unchained, “you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.” Get tickets here.

The Sadness

After discovering Detention at last year’s Fantasia Film Festival, I’m ready to see what another Taiwanese horror movie would be like at this year’s festival. Judging by the trailer for Rob Jabbaz’s The Sadness, this is a zombie flick that’ll deliver on blood, gore, and terror. Who doesn’t love a good zombie movie? Get tickets here.

Raging Fire

Donnie Yen is one of the most legendary actors in Hong Kong action cinema. So anytime you see him in an action film, it’s always a treat. It’s even a bigger treat when you combine Donnie Yen with the late Benny Chan, who directed such gripping crime thrillers as New Police Story and Invisible Target. Recently, Yen said that Raging Fire “will set new standard [in] contemporary action movies.” We can’t wait. Get tickets here.

Septet: The Story of Hong Kong

Speaking of legendary Hong Kong cinema, Septet: The Story of Hong Kong brings together seven of the most prolific and storied directors in Hong Kong history. Sammo Hung (Dragons Forever), Ann Hui (Boat People), Patrick Tam (Days of Being Wild), Yuen Woo Ping (Iron Monkey), Johnnie To (The Heroic Trio), Ringo Lam (Full Contact), and Tsui Hark (Once Upon a Time in China) all direct these personal and profound segments in this anthology film celebrating Hong Kong. Get tickets here.

Of course, these are just some of the films that we’re looking forward to. If you want to check out the full list of films at Fantasia Film Festival 2021, check them out here.

Fantasia Film Festival 2021 runs from August 5th to the 25th.

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