Our Fave Galleries at The LA Art Show 2021

A dog made of wheat. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

This past weekend, art aficionados had the chance to peruse the different art galleries at The LA Art Show, which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. During the 2021 Opening Night premiere party, pop singer Rita Ora was in attendance to host the event filled with art, food and beverages. The show opened to the public on Friday through Sunday, featuring over 200,000 square feet of over 70 galleries. With so many artworks, there should be something for everybody. Since we are Nerd Reactor, there were some galleries that caught our attention featuring Star Wars, Disney, and more.

Luis Feo’ Star Wars Artwork from Pigment Gallery

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

The Star Wars Lego Stormtroopers artwork was done by Luis Feo via acrylic and graphite on paper on wood.

Arcadia Contemporary: Byungkwan Kim

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

Byungkwan Kim‘s creepy-looking paintings can be seen at the Arcadia Contemporary booth. It features Disney and Looney Tunes characters with their eyes looking very different than their classic designs.

Lucia Heffernan’s “Surf’s Up”

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

Here’s an oil-on-panel painting from Lucia Heffernan featuring a mouse sporting a Batman shirt and surfing the waves.

Indecent Exposure by Kari Tirrell

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

Titled “Indecent Exposure,” this different take on Porky Pig is done via acrylic and oil on panel.

History fans will be delighted to check out some historical pieces from galleries like M.S. Rau from New Orleans. They had many paintings from known artists on display including furniture from historical figures.

Napoleon’s St. Helena Desk (Circa 1815)

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

The M.S. Rau gallery had an actual desk from Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile to St. Helena in 1815. The desk resided in his own bedroom at Longwood House, and it still has ink and wine glass stains, most likely left from the former French military leader.

These are but a few of the many galleries showcased at The LA Art Show, which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 29th to August 1st. It marks the fair’s 26th year anniversary and the 50th anniversary at the convention center.

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