Perfectly Snug Smart Mattress Topper Review

Having bought a new bed about 6 months ago, I now know more about mattresses than I ever anticipated. I am very analytical and spent a good month and a half weighing all the options. Plush or firm, memory or latex foam? Do I go with a hybrid instead? Does it have edge support? Is it good for side sleepers? And so many other considerations I never realized were so important. Now that I have finally made up my mind and bought one, Perfectly Snug pops up on my radar.

I initially thought, why are we doing a mattress topper review, this is Nerd Reactor? Then I studied it a bit closer and found the innovative tech that makes this topper one of a kind. The next thing I know, the Perfectly Snug topper is on my mattress and within 1 night, I had plenty to say. Now that I have used it for about a month, here is my review of the Perfectly Snug Mattress Topper. My experience reflects my time with the queen-size topper.

Perfectly Snug

In 2018, Marty Furse and Jason Elliot took their knowledge of engineering from the University of British Columbia, and experience with thermomechanical engineering from previous employments and started making a product they personally needed. A mattress topper that can cool you down and keep you dry at night. The Perfectly Snug topper uses airflow to keep you cool, and heating tech to keep you warm. Each side can be individually adjusted with the controls on each side of the topper. There is a mobile app too that can control it too, but more about that later.

The topper uses a 2-inch memory foam that has a medium firmness feel. Toward the feet end, there are a few fans built into it. These fans run quietly and have a soothing tone. The sound of the fans still has not been a nuisance, even after a month of use. Just be aware, however, this does not run silently, unless provided you are not cooling your topper.

The Perfectly Snug topper has a satisfying texture on top. Since it uses airflow throughout to cool the topper, the top has a web-like design that reminded me of what material a superhero suit would utilize. This allows the air to pass through and remove heat. There are 2 controlled zones. Left and right. That way, if your partner is cold, they can heat themselves up, while you cool yourself down.


The Perfectly Snug Topper requires electricity to function, so naturally, it needs to be plugged in for power. I noticed that each side had a power cord that ran from the topper, to what appears to be a surge protector power brick, before plugging into the power outlet. If you find that your fitted sheets have a hard time staying on with these cords, invest in some sheet suspenders. Your sheets were likely too small since this will add an extra 2 inches in height. They are cheap and have been known to save many marriages.

The controls you find on the side are very simple. An on and off switch, along with 2 buttons, one on top of the other. These buttons will adjust the topper from hot to cool. 10 being the hottest, and -10 being the coolest. The nice thing is there is no screen. This means no bright lights in the dark. Instead, a soft voice will announce the level of the Perfectly Snug topper quietly. The mobile app will allow for additional control.

The app allows you to set detailed schedules, adjust the speaker volume, and turn on the foot heater. That’s right, as if heating and cooling the bed wasn’t enough, there is also a foot heater. The app is very basic, so it is not much to look at, but that means the menus are simplistic and user-friendly. In my case, I just preferred to use the controls on the topper itself.

What to Know

As I mentioned before, if you are using a cooling mode, the fans do make noise. Jason and Marty spent much of the latter end of testing prototypes on getting the fan sound dampened and as soothing as possible. I can say it is not a real issue. If you like a very plush feel, you may not find it to your liking. The memory foam is soft, but not quite plush. I would rate it a 6 of 10 in firmness, with 10 being the most firm.

It is also not cheap. Since it’s the only of its kind, the queen size will run you $1499. It is also not something I would imagine many people in their 20s would seek out, given the price point, but also because the benefits of this product won’t really be appreciated until you start waking up and something is already aching. I say that jokingly, but this is a product I think women with menopause will definitely want to consider. Or if you are like me, and you are a hot sleeper.

I mentioned at the beginning that I had plenty to say after the first night. My results were extremely positive. Woke up feeling refreshed and not sweating, which is a lot to say being in Utah this summer. I also prefer a more plush top, but this wasn’t really a deal-breaker for me. After a month I slept without turning it on, and I noticed the difference right away. I woke up many times to shift because I was getting too hot.

Final Reaction

I would only recommend this product to those that see the benefit of a bed that can cool you while you sleep. There are other heating options out there, but no cooling solutions like the Perfectly Snug topper. I would also say that because it is not cheap. That said, I didn’t realize how much I would benefit from this topper. Definitely a welcomed addition to our living space. The Perfectly Snug topper will make the majority of people very happy. If you do choose to make the investment, I don’t anticipate you will be disappointed.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

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