Social Deception Game ‘Eville’ Gets Roadmap for 2021, 2022

Eville is currently in Early Access on Steam, and it’s a multiplayer social deception game that’s inspired by the fantasy genre and social deduction games like Werewolf and Secret Hitler. The murder mystery third-person game pits two teams against each other. The villagers try to stay alive and flush out the suspects and the conspirators try to eliminate villagers and plant the seed of doubt in other players. Indie video game developer VestGames has a year-long roadmap for the game and has been updating the game with new roles, items, and improvements including controller support. For the future, expect new characters & roles, player home customization, and more.

We’ve had the chance to play the game with packed game sessions, and it’s definitely a game of cat and mouse as the villagers and the conspirators try to out each other. Eville is set in days, and you can adjust how long each day and night is.


In the daytime, villagers will plan their day by acquiring items from merchants and walking around and surveying the area. Once nighttime hits, the villagers sleep with the conspirators coming out to play. Some villager roles will allow players to roam the night, however, and other roles will allow them to set traps.


As a Conspirator, your objective is to help eliminate all the villagers, and each role will help the villagers. The Barbarian is able to murder a villager in the daytime and nighttime. The Thief is able to steal other players’ money during the day and take their items at night by invading their homes. Other roles include tricking others as a villager and etc.

Once the first villager dies at night, the next day gets tense as people try to find out who perished. And when that is figured out, it then becomes a game of whodunnit, and people can accuse others, which will send the accused to the cage. Once inside the cage, the townsfolk who makes it inside the town square in time will get to vote on whether they think the person is innocent or guilty. If the majority votes for the verdict of guilty, the suspect is publicly burned alive.

There have been other social deduction games, and this one gives another unique take with its setting, style and gameplay. The setting is a cartoony world and you control characters in the third person. There’s a whole town for you to explore, and it’s like a mini-open-world game where you can interact with players and merchants and visit yours or other players’ homes.

Eville can be played with friends and random players in groups of 4-15 players, and it’s encouraged to play these types of games via voice chat. Text chat is also an option. To join a game, you can view the lobby and join an open game. You can also host a game and make it public or private.


There will be plenty of things to be excited about in the months to come for Eville. Check out the roadmap list below:

Q3 2021

  • Ghost Realm, Abilities and Items for Ghosts
  • Ghosts Quests and Economy
  • Fortress Area
  • Continued UI overhaul with controller support
  • Underground 2.0 Overhaul
  • New Role Info Screen, Map & Guide
  • Proximity Voice Chat
  • Platform independent Online Play

Q4 2021

  • New Realtime Interactive Lobbies
  • Male Acora Character
  • More Quests with higher variety
  • Revamped Player Home Interiors
  • Medic Role
  • New Main Menu (with controller support)
  • Progression and Unlock System for Cosmetics

Q1 2022

  • Player Moderation and Report System
  • Finalizing UI, Music and Sound Effects
  • Translations
  • New role (Shape-Shifter)
  • New Item (TBA)
  • Post-Launch Improvements and QoF Features

Q2 2022

  • New Role (TBA)
  • Improved Social Features
  • Second Map (TBA)
  • Player home customization
  • New Role (Ritualist)

Eville will be fully released in early 2022 on Steam.

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