Tribeca, Cannes & NewImages team up for VR Exhibition ‘XR3’

XR3 is a joint collaboration by Tribeca Film Festival, Cannes XR and NewImages Festival, and it takes the film festival experience to users via virtual reality. By using a tethered VR headset via the Museum of Other Realities, users will get to explore a virtual museum with digital showcases from the three festivals. That’s over 55 VR experiences, and you can explore the event from now until July 17th.

To get started, first visit the Steam page. After getting the DLC, you can jump into the Museum of Other Realities. This virtual museum is a surreal experience where you can truly enter an art exhibit, either by shrinking yourself so that the art piece is larger than life, or you can touch the piece to start the digital showcase.

We were able to experience the majority of the digital showcases from XR3’s Tribeca Film Festival section, and there are a few gems in here including Paper Birds and Marco & Polo Go Round.

VR is a cool way to experience short stories, and Paper Birds utilizes this format to great effect. Imagine watching a story unfold all around you as you watch little 3D-animated characters go about their day in tiny theater-like stages. The presentation, animation, special effects, and acting are top-notch, and the fantastical atmosphere is truly a sight to see.

Marco & Polo Go Round is a digital VR short where you watch a couple argue as things start to turn upside down. Watch as objects fly upward towards the ceiling as you look around to make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

To see the list of digital stories from Tribeca, visit the page here. Some are only available at in-person VR stations.

XR3 is now available until July 17th, and each Festival DLC costs $14.99. Also, make sure you have enough time to experience this event since you won’t be able to access the DLC after July 17th.

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