The Witcher Season 2 gets release date, teaser trailer, poster, photos

Today is a big day with WitcherCon, a special event that’s all about the world of The Witcher. Netflix and CD Projekt Red have teamed up to celebrate the franchise and make announcements. Fans of Netflix’s The Witcher have been eagerly awaiting any news from the upcoming second season, and today they were given the release date, a teaser trailer, poster, photos, behind-the-scenes videos, and more.

WitcherCon had interactive panels featuring Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, Mimî M Khayisa, Paul Bullion, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Declan de Barra. In addition, a new poster for The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, an anime feature, was released.

Release Date

The Witcher Season 2 will premiere on December 17, 2021 exclusively on Netflix.

Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer gives viewers a glimpse of what to expect in the second season of The Witcher. Geralt takes Ciri to Kaer Morhen to help her train as a warrior. It’s there where she will meet other Witchers including Lambert and Vesemir.


The poster features an epic shot of Geralt and Ciri on top of a mountain. Geralt is ready with his sword, and Ciri is looking regal with her white dress and fur coat.

The Showrunner and Cast on The Witcher Season 2

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich on the relationship between Geralt and Ciri:

“At the end of Season 1, we have what I think is one of the sort of most emotional scenes that we’ve done, which is Geralt and Ciri finding each other after they’ve both been searching all season… And it seems like we’ve got a father figure and daughter figure, and everything’s going to be perfect at that point, except for they’ve never met. And so it was really fun to start Season 2 thinking about, well, they’re not a family yet. How do they grow to be one? What do you do if you are a person like Geralt, who has sworn he doesn’t need anyone in the world whatsoever? And then he’s presented with a girl who is now solely in his care. And we have Ciri, who’s used to being under the care of people but has basically been running from everyone for an entire season and now being told that this person is going to take care of you. And so it was really fun to start Season 2 kind of them a little uncertain about how to be with each other, and they have to really grow into that. We wanted to make sure that felt like an authentic relationship, that they weren’t just bonded at the very beginning.”

Freya Allan on whether we are going to see Ciri in training sequences this season:

“[Training] was one of the things I was most excited about for Season 2, because I love doing all that. I love the stunt department. We have the best people involved, and they’re so much fun and get the best out of you. But yes, Ciri begins training and it actually becomes one of her main kind of drives. She’s very determined, and she really wants to become a great fighter and become a Witcher.”

Anya Chalotra on her favourite things about her character Yennefer:

“I’d have to say, where there’s a will, there’s a way with her. She is a survivor, and I love that about her. That would be my favourite. But there’s lots, there’s many traits I love. We’ve become quite similar. We form each other, I think.”

Henry Cavill on the journey of his character Geralt of Rivia:

“I played the Season One way deliberately, which was him out in the wilds and without the opportunity for vast swathes of dialogue. I thought it best to be the man who says less because that seems like he’s thinking more. And that was the intention with that. But once you get into a scenario with Cirilla, and the Witchers and his home space and with those people who he already knows, I was of the opinion that you had to let him be verbose and be philosophical and speak more and be intellectual, because that’s what he is. He’s not just a big old white-haired brute.”

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich on new characters to Season 2:

“There are so many characters that we’re introducing in Season 2. We are getting to see Dijkstra for the first time and sort of the Redanian Kingdoms. I know a lot of fans are excited to meet Philippa for the first time, Codringher and Fenn, Rience, Nenneke. There’s so many, but I would have to say Vesemir is the one I’m looking most forward to our audience meeting. Vesemir is so integral to the story that we’re telling this season. Obviously, we’re returning to Kaer Morhen for the first time, and in a season that is about Geralt becoming a father to Ciri, it felt so important to meet who his father figure was. And you end up with this multigenerational story because Vesemir and Ciri have a story as well, and it does start to feel like, “Oh, all of these people are meant to be interacting and learning from each other and fighting with each other,””

First Look Photos

Courtesy of Netflix

Here’s a first-look photo of Henry Cavill as Geralt and Freya Allan as Ciri on top of Roach.

Joey Batey is back as Jaskier, and here’s a first-look photo of the bard rockin’ it out!

Another first-look photo features Lambert training Ciri in sword combat at Kaer Morhen.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Anime

A teaser for The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf has been released, with the anime movie being released on August 23, 2021.

Check out more The Witcher 2 featurette videos below:

Converging Destinies

Actors Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan talk about their characters in season 1 and what fans can expect in the upcoming season.

The Witcher Season 2 Episode Titles and Logos

Inside Kaer Morhen

Kaer Morhen is the home of the Witchers, and this is where Geralt and his fellow Witchers train. The video gives us a look at the set along with more info behind the ancient castle.

Humans of the Continent Series: Master Armourer

Master Armorer Nick Jeffries discusses the work done for The Witcher’s armor department and some notable weapons in the series.

Humans of the Continent Series: Puppeteers

Here’s a fun behind-the-scenes video of the people behind the monsters including Matt Fraser and Dan Gregory.

Humans of the Continent Series: Lens Tech

Get a good look at the world of The Witcher with lens technician Ashruti Patel.

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