Dying Light 2 Stay Human Releases on December 7, 2021

Techland has revealed a lot of new info for its upcoming first-person zombie survival game, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, during its first episode of Dying 2 Know on Twitch. These include the release date, new gameplay trailer, and a look at the collector’s edition. December 7, 2021 is the release date, and it will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

The new gameplay trailer shows off a new look at the game and the story behind the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The game takes place many years after the events of the first game, and it’s set up in a way where even newcomers can dig right into the new world of Dying Light.

Pre-orders are now available for three different editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s. There are also three digital editions with Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. All who pre-order any version will get an exclusive digital Reload Pack, which includes a unique outfit, weapon, and paraglider skin.

For those who want to go back to the first Dying Light, Techland has the Platinum Edition. This edition includes all DLCs and is available on Steam, GOG, PlayStation Store (only for PlayStation Plus members), and Microsoft Store.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be released on December 7, 2021 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One. Pre-orders are available at dyinglightgame.com/preorder.

Synopsis: Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a story-driven open world action role-playing game, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Dying Light published in 2015, which has been played by over twenty million people all over the world. This time, players are visiting the City—mankind’s last stronghold in the fight against the virus. Developed parkour mechanics enable players to explore the vast open world and use tactical combat. The lost civilization and setting of the modern dark ages requires creative approaches to finding items and crafting gear. Gameplay shifts during a day and night cycle, so players can dare to plunder abandoned lairs of infected at night and discover the dark secrets of those in power by day. Players must choose which side they want to take and write their own story.

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