Fuser’s Headliner Spotlight Update Is Now Available

Fuser is a music rhythm DJ video game from Harmonix, the studio behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The game aims to make players feel like they’re performing at a huge EDM festival, mixing and matching instruments and vocals from different songs and creating new melodies. Today, Fuser is getting big updates and improvements with the 1.4 Headliner Spotlight update set, which is now available.

Check out what’s new in the video below:


With Fuser’s Headliner Spotlight update, players will have the chance to perform as the headline act on the Diamond Stage, with over 250+ friends and fans watching them DJ in real-time. Additionally, the free update includes new social features, the launch of the Diamond Shop, a rebalanced reward economy, and more.

Beginning this week is the 24/7 Diamond Stage stream, which is available in the game and at https://www.twitch.tv/FUSERheadliner.

The new changes for the in-game XP economy and currency include more ways to earn and spend in-game currency on customizable items, where you can change up your DJ and add new tracks to your crate. Diamonds are earned by playing or voting in events and playing the different modes (single-player, freestyle, multiplayer). The in-game currency can only be earned by playing the game; players won’t be able to use real money to get them. Once you have enough, you can reserve primetime slots on the Diamond Stage.

Other updates include player DJ Profile improvements, more robust Recommendation Engine, and Twitch Drops integration.

The Headliner Spotlight update is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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