Free Mass Effect Bonus Content Download ahead of Legendary Edition

Free Mass Effect Bonus Content Download ahead of Legendary Edition

Soon, Fans will be able to look forward to new graphical updates and gameplay improvements with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but before that, BioWare has released content to get them hyped. These include a Mass Effect soundtrack mega-cut, custom key art creator experience, and a free Mass Effect Bonus Content Download.

Mass Effect Bonus Content Download

The Mass Effect Bonus Content Download is a big one at 1.7GB which includes content available in the Deluxe Editions of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 and the first Mass Effect soundtrack. What makes this even sweeter is that it’s free for everyone. Fans will get to listen to 88 tracks and view the 2 PDF art books, 2 PDF comic books, and Normandy Digital Lithograph. This ends on May 31, 2021 or until download capacity is reached. You can download this at

Customize Mass Effect Legendary Edition Key Art

How would you like to customize your own Mass Effect Legendary Edition key art? You can with the web experience that allows you to choose your favorite squadmates, morality, and key location, resulting in billions of possible outcomes. The images will be available to download in different formats including 4K. If you are getting the physical copy of the game, you can even customize your own slipcover.

You can start at the Mass Effect Key Art customizer page.

Mass Effect Trilogy Original Soundtrack Stream

If you prefer to listen to the Mass Effect soundtrack on YouTube complete with an animated Liara and Garrus typing away in the foreground, then check it out below. It features 88 tracks from the Mass Effect trilogy, including three pieces of exclusive custom art and a new song to the games, “Resynthesis.”

Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches on May 14, 2021 on PlayStation 4 (compatible with PlayStation 5), Xbox One (compatible with Xbox Series X/S), and PC via Steam and Origin.

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