8 ways Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu is getting lots of love

Lady Dimitrescu is a tall vampire who instantly became an internet sensation since her debut in the Resident Evil Village previews. Furthermore, there’s a lot of hype surrounding her including merchandise, being the star of a puppet show and fans showing adoration via art and cosplay.

Alcina Dimitrescu is one of the Lords of Resident Evil Village, a looming threat to Ethan Winters, the protagonist who appeared in Resident Evil 7. She is an imposing figure who is 9’6″ tall, making her taller than Nemesis and Mr. X. Here are the many ways the fandom and Capcom have been building hype for the Lady Dimitrescu.

1. “I Love Her”

It’s no secret that many fans have expressed how much they love Lady Dimitrescu, and Capcom has noticed it.

Others have expressed how they want Lady Dimitrescu to dominate them including stepping on them. Erotica writer and former dominatrix Gemma Glitter chimed in about this particular fetish. (via Yahoo).

“People like being scared. People like feeling helpless. For a lot of people, especially who have submissive desires or desires to be more passive, there is a thrill that comes with being under the control of others,” says Gemma.

2. Puppet Show

Capcom released a sock puppet show featuring Lady Dimitrescu on its Japanese Biohazard (Resident Evil) YouTube channel. She is joined by the other Lords of Resident Evil Village, and it’s a cute and cheerful video that includes singing and lots of stylized blood. The video has over 950,000 views, and it’s likely going to reach over 1 million views soon.

3. Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay

Image Courtesy of Yaya Han (Twitter)

Lady Dimitrescu’s design was tailor-made for cosplayers wanting to transform themselves into the bloodsucking beauty. Popular cosplayer Yaya Han teamed up with Capcom to capture the ultimate cosplay, and it took her just one week to make the costume. She went above and beyond by building a photo set and posed for the camera in an all-day camera/video shoot.

Check out the video below to see how the outfit and shoot were created.

Other cosplayers have joined including Quinnley Blaque and Kalinka Fox, and this led to them capturing her look with her big black hat, long white dress, piercing eyes and white makeup.

Image courtesy of Quinnley Blaque (Twitter)
Image courtesy of Quinnley Blaque (Twitter)

Although she’s not as tall as the video game antagonist, Ekaterina Lisina is still tall in the real world at 6’9″. The Russian professional basketball player and model with over 6 million followers on TikTok went all out with her Lady Dimitrescu cosplay and shoot.

4. Painted Handmade Figurine

Yasorou created a handmade figurine of Lady Dimitrescu standing 6.5 inches tall. It’s a nice contrast to the actual height of the larger-than-life lass.

5. 3-Meter-Long Lady Dimitrescu Towel

To really get a feel for how tall Lady Dimitrescu is in real life, or maybe to get close to her “warm embrace,” there’s a life-sized towel available out there. Fans who tweet their reaction and favorite screenshots from the Resident Evil Village demo get the chance to own the giant-sized gift. Check out the video below to see how big the prize is.

Sadly, the giveaway is now over with only three winners chosen. The prize will only be sent to Japanese residents.

6. Lady Dimitrescu on TikTok

7. Official Concept Art

Lady Dimitrescu Concept Art
Capcom via IGN

Capcom definitely knows what it’s doing with the design of Lady Dimitrescu. So far it has worked and has caused many to fall in love with her. The studio has released a couple of conceptual art that captures the vampire’s allure (via IGN).

Capcom via IGN

8. Lady Dimitrescu Fan Art

The internet is filled with fans eager to show off their artwork of the big bad beauty, and they range from classy to demonic. As a result, Lady Dimitrescu has a lot of fan art dedicated to her.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7, 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC via Steam.

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