Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition: Driver available to improve ray tracing

The team at 4A Games has been busy with implementing ray tracing in its game, Metro Exodus, the FPS game set in a post-apocalyptic world set in Russia. The game already has gorgeous ray-traced lighting, but there are more ray tracing goodies being added courtesy of the upcoming Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition. Additionally, it will also have updates for NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 to improve performance and image quality. Today, NVIDIA has released a Game Ready Driver for the new edition, and those with the original game will get the update for free when it becomes available.

Metro Exodus already featured beautiful ray tracing like ray-traced global illumination, where the light from the sun would create deeper shadows and bounce light to surfaces. The Two Colonels DLC had ray-traced emissive lighting, creating dynamic lighting that emits lights to objects and walls. When Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition comes out on May 6, players will get to experience new ray-traced effects like ray-traced reflections, improved ray-traced global illumination, and ray-traced emissive lighting.

The new edition will be compatible with any GPU capable of ray tracing and will be available for free to Metro Exodus owners on Steam, Epic Games Store, GoG, and the Microsft Store.

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