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The effects of stress and anxiety are a common occurrence for many people. To get rid of them, some people may just need ibuprofen, while others just might need to take it easy on the energy drinks. There is no surefire way to get rid of the effects of stress and anxiety when they hit, but what if you had something to help prevent them?

What is Cove?

Cove is a wearable device that loops over the ears and wraps behind the base of the user’s head. It uses proprietary technology to create gentle vibrations to the skin behind the ears. It is specially calibrated to trigger the effects of affective touch, which is a type of slow touch that the brain finds soothing. This leads to deep feelings of comfort and wellbeing and the reason the company likes to say that Cove is a hug for your mind.

The thing about Cove is that it’s not something you only put on when you get headaches. It’s something you use throughout your daily life to help improve your wellbeing. Improved wellbeing can reduce the effects of stress, help you sleep better, and have a positive influence on your overall outlook. The recommended use is 1-2 sessions per day.

Does it really work?

If Cove is only used once or twice, or only when a headache kicks in, you may not think it’s working. Cove is a device you want to use on a regular basis to essentially train your brain. 20-minute sessions are simple since it doesn’t require much effort to use. While using Cove, I didn’t really feel it working at first since the affective touch it creates is so soft. I initially cranked it to the highest level to feel something.

Once I realized what it felt like, I turned it back down to the recommended setting to get the desired effect. I will say that after many sessions, it did become noticeable that I did not hold so much tension in my back, neck, and head anymore. I didn’t notice much of a difference when it came to sleeping, as I have sleep apnea anyways, and I wouldn’t doubt that it could improve sleep, however.

How To Use It

Using Cove is simple, which you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and it is quick and easy with the Cove app (available on Android and iOS). The app allows you to update Cove and manage your sessions, and once connected to your phone, you can start a session on the app and the device till start.

Another way to start a session is to hold the multi-purpose button on the back right side of the device. The strength levels can be adjusted using the buttons located on the back left side of the device or directly on the app. Sessions last 20 minutes, and it is recommended to use Cove 1-2 times per day. The battery lasts about 4-5 sessions on recommended sensitivity.

Since the device loops around your ears, I didn’t get the feeling that it would fall off, even while lying down. The issue I did face was that I wear glasses. Unfortunately, the frames I currently have do not have the special bending hinge that allows my frames to bend beyond their hinge point. Due to this, I was forced to remove my glasses for sessions.

It’s Not What You Think

The Cove is not a massager. It’s not an instant cure for headaches. It does not completely eliminate stress, anxiety, or depression. Cove is like a workout for your brain. Fitness takes time and effort. Eating right and exercising takes time, and works differently for everyone. This is no different.

Cove is something you should experience, and I will say that it was quite hard to put into words what Cove really does for you. It’s similar to explaining what salt tastes like.

Final Reaction

While I had some troubles wearing it with my particular glasses, I did find the effects of Cove helpful in my daily life. Playing games like Rainbow Six: Siege or Call of Duty can create intense stress and anxiety. I found that the effects of those feelings were reduced, which in turn, put me back in control.

Being in control during stressful situations can help you respond, rather than react. Since I deal with sleep apnea, I didn’t notice much of a sleep difference. For those that have stressful sleep, I can see how it will help you sleep better. The battery life could be better. While this is a very niche product, I can recommend Cove to anyone looking to improve their life, by reducing the effects of stress and anxiety.

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

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