Disjunction: Here’s another cyberpunk game to check out

Cyberpunk has been a popular genre thanks to films like Blade Runner and The Matrix, and gamers have been craving a big Cyberpunk video game with the recent Cyberpunk 2077, but resulted in polarizing the gaming community. There’s a recent game that can scratch the cyberpunk itch, and it’s Disjunction, a 2D top-down stealth-action RPG that feels like a mix of Hotline Miami and Metal Gear Solid.

The game follows three playable characters, each with unique abilities and backstories. Set in 2048 New York, these characters will face a threat that will change the future of the city.

Since it’s a cyberpunk game, one of the features is upgrading your cybernetics. The further you play, the more abilities you will get through the upgrade trees, and you can focus on improving your stealth or your power.

If you have played Metal Gear Solid, then the gameplay should feel somewhat familiar. You have the option of sneaking around, and if you get caught, you can go in on all-attack mode. Avoiding enemies is as simple as avoiding the cones, and after dispatching one of them, you can move their body before someone else is alerted.

When finishing a mission, characters will get to wind down, whether it’s inside an apartment or a bar as they’re thinking about their actions. It balances out the action, allowing players to absorb the world around them.

Disjunction is developed Ape Tribe Games and published by Sold Out. The studio comprises of three brothers, marking their first time making a video game. Their backgrounds include being a lawyer and a data scientist, but since they felt unfulfilled, they decided to quit everything to work on the game full time.

The game is now available on Steam, GOG, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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