The Escape Game’s Prison Break: From physical escape room to remote adventure

Courtesy of The Escape Game

Escape rooms are an excellent way of spending time with friends and family, and it’s a great exercise for team building. These games usually take place in physical locations, and players get to feel immersed thanks to the props, sets, and design. The Escape Game has adapted its escape rooms into “Remote Adventures,” and this allows you to play in an escape room with friends in the comfort of your home. We had the chance to check out Prison Break, where we had to help an inmate break out.

We’ve done a few remote escape rooms, but we were not prepared with how The Escape Game has adapted its escape rooms to the virtual setting. To relive the magic of escape rooms, it utilizes a game master and an actor to help tell a story and solve puzzles. The game master helps throughout the mission, and the actor is equipped with a camera on their forehead, acting as the eyes for the remote players. What makes this truly special was that the actor was on location, and we were able to see our progress as the inmate escapes from one area to the next.

Like most escape rooms, we had an hour to try to solve the puzzles and escape. Since this is Prison Break, our actor started off stuck inside a cell. It’s our job to figure out a way to break him free by guiding him verbally as a team, and these include having the inmate search for clues inside boxes, clothes, mechanisms, and other cells. Like many escape rooms, most puzzles can be unlocked by figuring out the correct combination for a lock, and there are plenty of locks to open.

Players won’t be able to handle actual clues and puzzles in their hands. Don’t worry, The Escape Game has developed a way to incorporate objects remotely. Whenever someone on the team has discovered a new item, it automatically pops up in the inventory menu on the browser you’re using. Each player is able to look at the object and click on it to gain more insight into the clues.

Since remote adventures can be tricky when playing with a group online, it’s best to read the room and help out whenever you can. Another thing that helped us out was performing different tasks simultaneously and looking over clues collectively. One can check out a specific object, and another can check out a puzzle that can help unlock another one, and this can help players escape faster.

The Escape Game has brought the magic of physical escape rooms into remote adventures online, and it was a great session for those who have missed attending physical locations. Prison Break helped immersed us as if we were in an actual escape room thanks to its presentation, actor, and game master, and it was overall a fun and exciting experience.

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