Pine, open world adventure game, now available on PS4

Pine is an open world adventure game from Dutch developer Twirlbound featuring puzzles, combat, and traversal. The game became a reality thanks to its success on Kickstarter, and it was released for the PC and Nintendo Switch. With over a thousand user reviews on Steam, it has been mostly positive. Today, PlayStation 4 users will get the chance to check out the adventure with the Pine digital copy on PlayStation Store.

Check out the PlayStation 4 trailer for Pine below:

Players get to control Hue, an adventurer on a mission to help his tribe’s future on the island of Albamare. The world is inhabited by all sorts of species, and they are all fighting over land and food. You will have the option of either helping or hindering certain species via trade, questing, and combat in a world filled with puzzles, collectibles, and mystery.

The game is published by Kongregate and is developed by Twirlbound, a 7-person team based out of Breda, The Netherlands.

PlayStation 4 owners can get Pine digitally for $24.99 on PlayStation Store. It’s also available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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