Valheim has sold 5 million copies in a month

Valheim is the trending Viking survival game right now with millions of players building, fighting, and sailing to unknown lands. The game has been receiving hundreds of thousands of positive reviews from Steam users, and more players have been joining. Iron Gate Studio and Coffee Stain Publishing have announced today that 5 million units have been sold in just a month since the launch of Valheim on Steam Early Access. That’s not bad for a five-person indie development team.

Valheim is holding down the fort on Steam by having the fifth-highest peak concurrent player base in Steam history with 500,000 players last week. It is behind CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG and Cyberpunk 2077. It has sold one more million copies in under a week, which added to its total of 5 million. The game is at the 39th spot for best user-reviewed games on Steam of all time, and if you combined players’ playtime, that’s 16,266 years of playing Valheim. Twitch users have watched over 35 million hours of gameplay.

Since the game is still in Early Access, that means there will be more improvements. Iron Gate Studio has released an Early Access roadmap that will include new biomes, new enemies, and improvements to combat, ships and more.

Valheim started as a one-man passion project from Iron Gate Studio CEO Richard Svensson in 2018, and by 2020, the team expanded to a total of five. Coffee Stain joined as the publisher in 2019.

“Thanks everybody!” said Svensson of the game’s success. “Your response is amazing and we’re excited to continue improving the experience, as well as adding whatever Odin compels us to!”

“Five million units is a huge milestone for any game, and to achieve this in four weeks is remarkable. We are incredibly proud to be by Iron Gate’s side as they continue to make history with Valheim, and we too are looking forward to the Hearth and Home update.” said Albert Säfström, CEO, Coffee Stain Publishing.

Valheim is now available for $19.99 on Steam Early Access for PC and Linux.

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