Hitman 3 is a short campaign that offers replayability via assassinations (Stadia review)

Hitman is a popular video game franchise that follows Agent 47, an assassin known for his red tie and bald head. The series had a reboot with Hitman back in 2016, and in January 2021, IO Interactive released the final game in the World of Assassination trilogy, Hitman III. Like the second game, all the levels are available, so players won’t have to wait to download the episodic DLC content at a later date. We’ve played the game on Google Stadia, and it’s a convenient way to play as Agent 47, whether you’re playing on the TV, desktop or smartphone.

Hitman III has players controlling Agent 47 as he travels around the world, trying to take down Providence, a powerful organization with the power to manipulate the world. The story is filled with stealth, action, twists and exotic locations.

The third game in the trilogy includes many ways to eliminate targets, and it’s a big playground for an assassin. You’ll be able to take them out including strangling, drowning, shooting, poisoning, and more. Of course, you can also subdue them without murder, just be sure to hide their bodies. Becoming a silent predator is all about studying the patterns and figuring out their routine, location, and security. There are inventive ways to assassinate targets, and this gives players an incentive to replay a level and perform different types of kills.

Players will get to experience extravagant locations including a grand event on top of the tallest skyscraper, partying in an underground rave, sneaking inside a huge mansion, infiltrating a high-tech facility and more. Agent 47 will have the opportunity to disguise himself as the staff, security, and other personnel members to get close to the targets and kill them. The underground club is one of our favorite locations as it captures an exciting nightlife with a packed dance floor, a huge outside patio with partygoers, loud music and beautiful light shows.

The game’s length is short, but even with its short campaign, there’s replayability for those wanting to find different ways of eliminating their target. It also gives players a chance to really absorb the environment and be creative with eliminating the enemies.

Hitman 3 on Stadia

Credit: IO Interactive via Nerd Reactor

The quality of Hitman III on Stadia will be dependent on your internet connection and the type of device you’re using. We’ve played the game via the browser, mobile phone and Chromecast Ultra, and for the most part, it has been a smooth experience. The Stadia is a cloud gaming service, and if you pay close attention, the quality won’t be as good as an actual console or PC. It’s the nature of having the game stream live as you move your character. Playing on the smartphone looks crisp and detailed, especially since the device doesn’t have to worry about higher resolution, which requires more internet bandwidth. We had pixilated issues with Google Chrome, but there are ways to mess with the browser settings. Another option is to use another browser, which we did with Microsoft Edge. It worked wonders for us since we were able to get a better experience right off the bat without having to mess with the settings. Of course, the most convenient way of playing the game on a big screen is through Google Chromecast Ultra. Although the graphics aren’t as crisp as playing the game locally, it still is a smooth experience where we didn’t have to worry about input lag and bad pixelation.

Using State Share

A unique feature for the Stadia is State Share, and the Hitman trilogy allows gamers to share their game state. All you have to do is capture a screenshot or record a video to save a game state via the capture button on the Stadia controller or F12 on the keyboard. After that, you can share the link via Stadia.com to your friends who also have the game. This allows them to play in your state, complete with the items and outfits you have and your location. It’s a neat feature that allows friends to see or experience how other friends are playing the game. Of course, it’s all dependent on whether you have friends having both Stadia and the game. There are other ways to view State Share online, but activity has been very limited.

Hitman III continues the tradition of the previous two games with gorgeous locations and fun ways of taking down targets. It doesn’t add a lot of new things to the table, but if you have enjoyed the previous two games just for the assassination options, this will be right up your alley.

The game was provided by IO Interactive for review purposes.

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