TCL gets XL Collection and brings 8K to 6 Series in CES 2021 showcase

TCL was the #2 TV manufacturer in the US for 2020, and it’s not hard to see how well the results of improving tech that is noticeable for consumers. This year, TCL announced the new improvements to their TV lineup, as well as their audio products. You can view the full presentation above, or watch the snippets below.


Before I touch on the new TVs and sound bar, I do want to recognize the amazing value in the 10 series and the new 20 Series 5G lineup. A full-body display and 5G support blow the competition out of the water. This is because it will be under $300, and an affordable 5G is impressive.


The presentation continued on to the audio products. The Alto is currently out now and showed off last year including the Alto 3, 6, 6+, and 8i. However, this year includes a new feature to simplify the cord management. They have created direct connection via Bluetooth that will automatically sync up with the Roku TV. Fewer cords are always welcomed, provided there is no loss in quality.

The new sound bars for 2021 are the Alto 82 and 82+. Continuing with Dolby ATMOS, but adding Dolby Vision and 4K HDR support is a nice upgrade from the Alto 8i. More importantly, they are well priced, with the Alto 82 at $199, and the Alto 82+ at $299.

There will also be an Alto 8e, a 3.2.1 Dolby ATMOS bar that is Roku Ready for easy connecting. This comes with a wireless subwoofer, which is another cord not to worry about anymore. In another presentation, TCL announced the Alto 9+, their top of the line 3.1 channel sound bar. All of these sound bars will include Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple Airplay. Some models will also include Spotify support.


In 2021 TCL thinks that bigger is better. They will now begin creating screen sizes up to 85″ as part of their XL Collection. That is for all variants, including their new MiniLED TV. This new OD Zero MiniLED is especially interesting as they have 0 space between the display and the LEDs. While I did not get to see this in person, TCL has not disappointed in the past.

Another great addition to the TCL line is the new 6 Series for 2021. The new 6 Series will support 8K with Dolby Vision HDR. It is unclear as to how many ports will be capable of 8K, but we do know that it must be HDMI 2.1. This is great news for gamers, as the 6 Series is known to have a very low input lag and great image quality.

TCL clarified that they will still produce and sell 2020 models for those that do not care for 8K. I appreciate the effort taken into the design of these TVs as they look as premium as their competitor’s top-line products.

Final Reaction

It is clear that TCL understands its consumer base and will likely have a great 2021. An incredibly affordable 5G phone and quality sound bars lead the way. I was very impressed with the new features and the Alto sound bars, but the XL Collection takes the cake. The new TVs look gorgeous and minimal, providing a premium look without the premium price. It’s great to see a company that knows its user base.

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