Samsung’ MicroLED TVs and AI technology featured at CES 2021 showcase

Samsung’s conference jumped back and forth between products throughout the presentation, similar to how the LG conference began. Samsung spoke about its new Smart appliances, the 4-door Bespoke refrigerator, and this was before they quickly moved on to their TVs.

MicroLED is here

Some are familiar with the Frame, but the Sero and the Premire showcased today. The Premiere is a short throw projector that has already been impressive. More exciting was the 110″ MicroLED. While I expect the price of the MicroLED to be insane, it is nice to see it make it to a production model. Samsung also showcased features coming to the TV lineup. 4vue will split up to four 4K displays on 1 screen.

The presentation spoke very briefly about Samsung TV plus and how it will be free for all those who purchase these new models. Along with 4vue and Samsung TV Plus, there will be a new universal home screen guide. Without going into much detail about the new home guide, they moved back to new kitchen appliance, then back to TV again to spotlight a new fitness app built into these new TVs.

Robots and AI

A first glimpse of Bot Handy was shown as they address their AI focus in this new year. Samsung spoke about how its new AI chip will push new products to improve. Back to TV conversation, this new Quantum AI processor (previously mentioned last year) will include 8K upscale support. There was a lack of information on how the tech will affect the overall improvements on this year’s models.

The Quantum AI processor is used in nearly all the new Samsung devices. The Jetbot 90 AI+ was then shown, which is a self-cleaning, automated vacuum with the new Quantum AI processor and built-in security camera. The Quantum AI processor will help with scanning objects to better understand its landscape. This should prove to provide a more accurate ability to vacuum.

This led to a video showcasing all the new Samsung pet tech, Dog feeder, air purifier, and more. Samsung is definitely looking to be a part of every part of your home. In years past Samsung spoke about its exoskeleton tech to help the handicapped, which looks very modern and simple. Should be very transformative for those with ailments.

More Robots and Upcycling

The focus then went back to AI and robots again, showing what Samsung believes is the future. As if your smart watch didn’t bug you enough about getting up and moving, now a robot can do it too. It also will verbally tell you of reminders. This robot definitely seemed more like a gimmick as most smart watches and phones will provide the same features.

Bot handy had its own showcase. It’s a bot with a single arm that can perform tasks like putting a flower in a vase. I am unsure what the true focus of robot tech at Samsung is, but I hope it has more in mind.


To round out the end of the presentation, Samsung boasted the new sustainability features. There was a lot to be excited about for those with a passion for minimalizing our footprint. It is lowering the footprint and being more responsible with the environment.

Sustainability is being the focus as Samsung showed upcycling devices, which reuses materials from previous devices to improve everyday life without a profound effect on life itself. All of the new boxing of large devices will be repurposed as cardboard furniture. This kind of missed its mark. While it is a great gesture, majority of people won’t want a carboard coffee table.

Final Reaction

This presentation was extremely dramatic and sporadic. While Samsung did showcase many things, I was left with and feeling of uncertainty and not sure what was the company’s true focus. As of now I think it is MicroLED and AI technology. Hopefully we get more detailed information on all of these products in today’s presentation.

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