Star Wars meets Predator fan film features Bossk the bounty hunter

Do you remember that Trandoshan Bounty Hunter that made his first appearance in “Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back” back in 1983? Well, he’s come a long way since then and a group of Atlanta filmmakers, Creative Force Films, have brought him back into the spotlight with their not-for-profit fan film called “Scorekeeper.”

Scorekeeper is set in the Star Wars universe and follows Bossk as he hunts down several Rebel Commandos, Predator style. It’s the Star Wars/Predator fan film we never thought we’d see but deserve.

So how did the idea of Scorekeeper come about?

Matthew Sumner (writer and actor): “I had just finished my Boba Fett cosplay that I had been working on for the last 4 years, and Roman Santa Croce (director and co-writer) had told me that he had always wanted to build a Bossk costume. That way we could walk around the conventions together. SWC 2020 was the goal… maybe 2022 now.”

“That day, while playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, Roman activated Bossk’s heat vision ability and my jaw dropped,” he continued. “I looked at Roman and said, ‘Dude… Bossk is the Predator! All we need are Rebels, woods, and your costume!’ and Scorekeeper was born, after a few rewrites of course.”

“We joined ‘Forces’ with Roman’s Atlanta contacts and my NC film friends and created Creative Force Films LLC and here we are,” Sumner concluded.

Making the best of a terrible situation:
Creative Force Films bolstered their production staff with many union professionals due to the industry being shut down in Atlanta, GA from Covid-19. With the safety of the cast and crew being their top priority, the filmmakers had mandatory Covid-19 testing for the 4-day shoot, keeping with Union standards.

You can find some production photos here. You can follow Creative Force Films on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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